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Kurds celebrating the announcement of the PKK peace plan in Diyarbakir (photo: Reuters)

Öcalan Announces PKK Peace Plan

Too Good to Be True

The offer of a ceasefire made by Abdullah Öcalan, the incarcerated head of the banned Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), has been welcomed by the Turkish government. But how can there be real peace when the conflicts of the past are glossed over instead of being openly discussed and addressed? A commentary by Ömer ErzerenMore

Turkish soldiers in the Turkish–Iraqi border region (photo: AP)

Turkey's Kurdish Policy

The Return of the Hardliners

Just a few years ago, it looked as if the government in Istanbul was embarking on a policy of reconciliation with Turkey's Kurdish population. But that dynamic of reform has long since stalled and trouble is brewing, as Ömer Erzeren reportsMore

Protest against AKP in Istanbul (photo: AP)

Turkish Cultural Policy

Continuity and Change

The diversity of literature presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair also illustrates the contradictions in Turkish society today. Ömer Erzeren with an essay on Turkishliterary and cultural production between Kemalism and the religious conservative AKPMore