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The main thoroughfare in the part of Aleppo controlled by the rebels (photo: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)

Civil War in Syria

A Return to Normality

Aleppo, the once hotly contested north Syrian metropolis and economic centre, is now a divided city. In the part controlled by the rebels, daily life seems to be gradually returning to normal. More and more refugees from Aleppo are returning to their city, even though economic recovery is slow. Peter Steinbach reports from AleppoMore

Rebel Flag over Aleppo (photo: AP)

Report from the Battle Zone of Aleppo

Too Much Trust in God

For weeks, the rebels and the Syrian army have been fighting for control of Aleppo, the strategically important trade capital in the north of Syria. Suffering most under the violence in the embattled city is the civilian population. Peter Steinbach reports from AleppoMore