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The Syrian army attacks Homs (photo: Reuters)

The West and Syria

It's Time to Act

The mass atrocities being committed daily in Syria will not cease without outside intervention, says Radwan Ziadeh, spokesperson of the Syrian National CouncilMore

Demonstration against Assad in Syria (photo: AP)

The Opposition in Syria

A Multitude of Uprisings

As the protests and demonstrations against the Assad regime in Syria continue to grow, the question of who it is that is behind them is one that is becoming more pressing. Radwan Ziadeh, founder and director of the "Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies" and "Damascus Spring" activist, provides some answersMore

Demonstrators in Homs, Syria, demanding UN intervention (photo: AP)

Uprising against the Assad Regime in Syria

Is This a Second Libya?

In his essay, Radwan Ziadeh, founder and director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies and an activist during the "Damascus Spring", discusses several possible scenarios for the outcome of the conflict between the Syrian regime and the protest movementMore