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Protests in Tunisia at the start of the Jasmine Revolution (photo: DW/Mounir Khelifi)

Social Fabric and Solidarity in the Arab World

The Indifference of the Arab Middle Class

The upheaval in the Arab world has radically changed the fabric of society there. The Arab Spring has been followed by a shift in affinities towards people's kinship and religion. Moreover, the recent civil war in Syria has shown that Arab solidarity is a myth. An essay by Sami MahroumMore

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians demonstrating in Cairo against President Mursi and his controversial decrees in November 2012 (photo: dapd)

The Impact of Crowd Dynamics on the Arab Spring

Like Dark Clouds Gathering before a Storm

In this essay, Sami Mahroum takes a closer look at the genesis, dynamics and impact of crowds in particular in the Arab world, where crowds – both spontaneous and those born through social media – have been shaping political processes since before the Arab SpringMore