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People demonstrating for press freedom in Istanbul (photo: AP/dapd)

Repression of Journalists in Turkey

Fighting Press Freedom with Anti-Terrorism Laws

The detention of Ragıp Zarakolu, a past winner of the International Freedom to Publish Award, shows how Turkish anti-terrorism laws are being misused to curtail freedom of expression. By Semiran KayaMore

Beyazit Tower, Sulemaniye Mosque in Istanbul (photo: Manjeet Bawa/Wikipedia)

German-Turkish Professionals in Istanbul

Highly Prized in Turkey, Ignored in Germany

Many well-educated German-Turks emigrate to Turkey. In Germany, where there is a shortage of qualified personnel, the effects of this loss are making themselves felt. But the trend is the consequence of a disregard that has been practised for decades. Semiran Kaya reports from IstanbulMore