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Anti-government protests in Algeria (photo: dpa)

Algeria and the Arab Spring

Opting for the Status Quo Rather than Experimentation

In spite of strikes and protest campaigns, until now there have been no uprisings in Algeria comparable to those in other Arab states. The fact that a large percentage of the population consists of young people who are unhappy with the government is still not an adequate prerequisite for mass protest, writes Sigrid Faath in her analysisMore

Rachid Ghannouchi (photo: picture alliance)

The Islamist Election Victory in Tunisia

Ennahda – Asset or Threat?

Tunisia's Islamist Renaissance Party is now the strongest force in the constituent assembly. Many have been surprised by the fact that no secular party was able to garner nearly as many seats, and "Ennahda's" victory has alarmed those who espouse a liberal Tunisia. An analysis by Sigrid FaathMore