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Sighting the moon before Ramadan (photo: AP)

The Holy Month of Ramadan

To Fast or Not to Fast

None of the five pillars of Islam is observed by as many Muslims as fasting in Ramadan. Some people who don't otherwise obey any religious rules fast; others make a conscious decision not to. Stephanie Doetzer spoke to a number of Muslims who have decided not to fastMore

Demonstration on Tahrir Square (photo: AP)

Nine Months After the Upheaval in the Arab World

Is the Revolution Devouring Its Children?

The Arab World is no longer what it used to be. Nor are the rebellions; in many places the initial revolutionary euphoria is giving way to concerns about the future. Stephanie Doetzer sketches a picture of the mood in recent monthsMore

The US government follows the operation against Osama Bin Laden on screen (photo: AP/The White House)

Commentary on the Death of Bin Laden


A Little Help from a Foe

The reactions following Bin Laden's death are a disaster. A person's death may sometimes be good news. But somebody's assassination never is. A commentary by Stephanie DoetzerMore