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A reading in Cairo, Egypt (photo: Nael El Toukhy/DW)

Egyptian Literature

New Departures, New Visions

Current novels from Egypt tell about people's daily struggle for survival, about their suffering in the face of state violence and corruption, and about managing to get by with the help of tricks and humour. Egyptian literature is available in translation in various forms – from the spontaneous blog to the social novel. By Susanna SchandaMore

Khaled Ali (photo: Susanne Schanda)

Interview with Egyptian presidential candidate Khaled Ali

''I'm expecting a second revolutionary wave''

At aged 40, Khaled Ali is the youngest candidate standing in the Egyptian presidential elections. The left wing lawyer and human rights activist enjoys widespread support among the more disadvantaged members of society. Susanne Schanda met Khaled Ali at his Cairo officeMore

Syrian author Samar Yazbek (photo: Susanne Schanda)

Interview with Samar Yazbek

Conveying the Suffering of the Syrian People

In her "Damascene Diaries", the Syrian writer and journalist Samar Yazbek documents the first months of the revolution. Since she has been in exile, she sees how Syrians have been left utterly alone. She has made it her task to give them a voice. Susanne Schanda met the author for an interview in ZurichMore