Most recent article by: Ziyad al-Alimi

Egyptian demonstrators on Tahrir Square (photo: dpa)

Egypt after the Election of Mohammed Mursi

The New Third Force

The revolutionaries in Egypt are strong and have achieved much over the past 18 months. They are, however, politically disorganized. In this opinion piece, Ziyad al-Alimi says that because Egyptians are looking for an alternative not only to the Mubarak regime but also to the Muslim Brotherhood, it would be best for the revolutionaries to take a third path between the two major blocsMore

A young revolutionary during a demonstration in Cairo city centre (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Egypt's Future following the Election of Mohammed Mursi

Have No Fear, Democracy is Here!

In this essay, leading Egyptian youth activist Ziyad al-Alimi argues that millions of Egyptians only voted for Mohammed Mursi to prevent a return to the Mubarak system. He says that instead of viewing it as a setback, the election result should be seen as marking the start of a democratic breakthroughMore