Armand de Laurell (USA), 30 September 2006

on The U.N.'s Darfur Moment, by Mark L. Schneider

The "Moments" of the UN are legendary. Darfur is one of those that at the present is highlighted due to three never mentioned causes. Its richness in natural resources, the interest of the Chinese in the area, and the ever present one of the Israelis, and their supporters' interest – especially in the USA – to keep the UN focus on Arab/Muslims.

For the UN and assorted individuals to all of a sudden demand that the UN stand up for so called human rights when the organization did zilch in Rwanda and has done nothing to insist that refugees in Lebanon return to their homes in Palestine after some 60 years is another example of crying wolf for the umpteenth time.

Before coming to grips with Darfur's moment, the UN must first resolve the Palestinian refugees 60 years moment[s] in Lebanon and the Rwanda moment before it is taken seriously as a world organization interested in promoting peace and respect for all humans.

The beginnings of the 21st century demand that the UN's moment is now if it is expected to be relevant to tackle and resolve the moments of others.

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