Dossier: East Africa

ihadi militiamen in Iraq close to the Syrian border (photo: picture-alliance/AP)

Al-Qaeda's New Strategy

Turning away from the Distant Enemy

In contrast to their earlier tactics, militant jihadists are increasingly turning away from attacking the West to concentrate on more local and regional targets. Albrecht Metzger reports on the current change of strategy in the activities of Al-Qaeda and its alliesMore

Flag of the radical Islamic "Uamsho" movement in Sansibar (photo: Mohammed Khelef/DW)

Islamism and Politics in Zanzibar

Religious Hatred in Paradise

For the some hundred thousand tourists that visit Zanzibar each year, the island is paradise on earth. Yet, beyond the calm of its tourist venues, religious tensions on the island have been increasing. The attacks on churches, hate tirades by preachers, and leaflets inciting violence are but mileposts of a growing religious radicalization. Danja Bergmann reportsMore

Dr. Guido Steinberg (photo: DW)

Interview with Guido Steinberg

"Al-Shabab Attacks Could Destabilize the Entire Region"

An expert on militant Islamism Guido Steinberg says the attack on a Nairobi shopping mall by the Al-Shabab militia shows that the Somali-based conflict is spreading to neighbouring countries. Interview by Philipp SandnerMore

Al-Shabaab militiamen near Mogadishu (photo: dapd)

The Case of Somalia

Pirates, Warlords, and Islamists

Over the past few years, interest in the fate of Somalia has increasingly faded into the background. And as books about the country are a scarce commodity, it is all the more welcome that Marc Engelhardt is now sharing his wealth of experience and solid knowledge about Somalia. By Laura OvermeyerMore

Afro-Turks during the Sixth Festival of the Calf (photo: Ekrem Güzeldere)

The Fate of the Afro-Turks


Nothing Left But the Colour

The Afro-Turks, whose ancestors came to the Ottoman Empire as slaves in the nineteenth century, are still struggling for recognition. Now, though, their desire to assimilate into the wider society has become greater than their desire to maintain their own identity. By Ekrem Eddy GüzeldereMore

Omar Bombino Moctar and friends (photo: Ron Wyman/

Omar ''Bombino'' Moctar

Rebel Music from the Sahara

After years of struggle, many of the Tuareq rebels have switched to making music in order to promote their people's cultural identity. One of the most remarkable "former rebel musicians" is Omar "Bombino" Moctar. Richard Marcus introduces the man and his musicMore

Member of an Islamist militia in Balad, Somalia (photo: AP)

Islamists in Somalia

Fears of War on the Horn of Africa

After 15 years of anarchy in Somalia, Islamists have taken control of large parts of the country. But the growing influence of the Union of Islamic Courts and the rise to power of extremists threaten to embroil the entire region in war. By Marc EngelhardtMore