Dossier: Horn of Africa

Al-Shabaab militiamen near Mogadishu (photo: dapd)

The Case of Somalia

Pirates, Warlords, and Islamists

Over the past few years, interest in the fate of Somalia has increasingly faded into the background. And as books about the country are a scarce commodity, it is all the more welcome that Marc Engelhardt is now sharing his wealth of experience and solid knowledge about Somalia. By Laura OvermeyerMore

Anti-Saleh rally (photo: AP)

Popular Uprising in Yemen

Saleh, Enemy Number One

Politically speaking, the Yemeni opposition movement is extremely heterogeneous and therefore finds it difficult to act in concert. The only goal they all share is to bring about the resignation of the President. An analysis by Albrecht MetzgerMore

A jubilant crowd in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, after the news broke President Saleh had left the country (photo: AP)

Power Struggle in Yemen

A Yemeni Tribal Affair

The power struggle in Yemen is primarily a conflict between two families: On the one hand that of President Saleh, who clearly has no plans to leave office quietly, and on the other the Ahmar family, which presides over the Hashed tribal confederation. By Rainer HermannMore

Member of an Islamist militia in Balad, Somalia (photo: AP)

Islamists in Somalia

Fears of War on the Horn of Africa

After 15 years of anarchy in Somalia, Islamists have taken control of large parts of the country. But the growing influence of the Union of Islamic Courts and the rise to power of extremists threaten to embroil the entire region in war. By Marc EngelhardtMore