Dossier: Dialogue of Religions

Detlef Pollack (photo: Brigitte Heeke)

Interview with the sociologist of religion Detlef Pollack

"Germans are much less tolerant"

The Archbishop of Cologne recently drew distinctions between the value of Christian and Muslim families in Germany. For Detlef Pollack, this is not an expression of Islamophobia, but an example of German reservations. Stefan Dege spoke to the sociologist of religionMore

Still from the film "The Physician" in which the Shah (played by Oliver Martinez, right) is treated by Avicenna (played by Ben Kingsley, left) (source: UFA Cinema GmbH)

"The Physician" by Noah Gordon


The long road from international bestseller to film

The novel "The Physician" was one of the biggest international successes of the last few decades. So it's all the more surprising that it wasn't made into a film years ago. A big-screen version has now finally been released – with a German production team. By Regina RolandMore

Rita Süssmuth (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Interview with the Migration Expert Rita Süssmuth


Learning to Deal with Diversity

If Europe's immigration policy is not changed in the coming years, the continent's population will start to shrink dramatically in 2025. Annika Zeitler spoke to the German migration expert and former President of the Bundestag, Rita SüssmuthMore

Mohammed Helmy

First Arab Honoured by Israel for Rescuing Jewish Family from the Nazis

Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial institute for the first time granted an award to an Egyptian for rescuing a Jewish family during World War II in Berlin. Igal Avidan spoke to Irena Steinfeldt, director of the Department for the Righteous Among the Nations in Yad VashemMore

Relationship counseling at the Institute for Migration and Intercultural Study in Bonn, Germany (photo: Julie Schwannecke)

Interfaith Partnerships in Germany

Cultural Diversity as an Enrichment

In light of the increasing cultural and religious diversity in society, interfaith partnerships are nowadays no longer a rarity. How do these couples experience everyday life together and how to they deal with each other's different culture, traditions, and value systems? Julie Schwannecke provides some insightMore

The minaret of the Yavus Sultan Selim Mosque in Mannheim and the spire of the Liebfrauen Church (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

The Dialogue Lexicon

Christianity and Islam on Equal Terms

The Eugen Biser Foundation in Munich and the Islamic-Theological Faculty at the University of Ankara have published a joint lexicon of basic terms from Christianity and Islam. The reference text in German and Turkish provides, for the first time, a parallel presentation of two monotheistic religions in one work. By Claudia MendeMore

Shiite proitestors in Iran in 2013 (photo:

Sunni-Shia Relations

Plea for a Muslim Peace

The Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia-Herzegovina Sheikh Mustafa Cerić looks to the past for lessons on improving Sunni-Shi'a relations in today's Middle East. They are the key to regional stability, he saysMore

Ilhan Ilkilic (photo: © DW)

Interview with Medical Ethicist Ilhan Ilkilic

Inter-religious Dialogue on Matters of Health

Ilhan Ilkilic, a doctor, medical ethicist and scholar of Islam of Turkish descent, is the first Muslim to sit on Germany's National Ethics Council and regards this institution as an experiment that can boost inter-religious dialogue within German society. He spoke to Julie SchwanneckeMore

Ghazi Kahwaji (photo: Ghazi Kahwaji)

Interview with the Lebanese Artist Ghazi Kahwaji

''I Believe that Several Paths Lead to God''

The Lebanese artist and writer Ghazi Kahwaji sees the revival of Mediterranean humanism as a basis for intercultural dialogue between Arab and European societies. An interview by Aladdin SarhanMore

Men during prayor time at the Eyüp Sultan Camii in Hamburg, Germany (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)


Evidence Does Not Support Fears of Islam in the West

Why has a dichotomy persisted between Muslim and Western societies despite the bulk of academic research dispelling any notion of incompatibility? Director of the Islam in the West program at Harvard University Jocelyne Cesari explainsMore

The former head of the Islamic Religious Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mustafa Ceric addresses journalists in Sarajevo, on 7 February 2005 (photo: Getty Images)

Former Bosnian Grand Mufti's Message to Pope Francis

Call to Muslim-Christian Friendship

The election of Argentine Pope Francis, the 266th Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church, deserves both our congratulations and our reflection for the future of Muslim-Christian coexistence and dialogue. By former Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa CericMore

Ancient Jewish manuscript discovered inside caves in a Taliban stronghold in northern Afghanistan (photo: The National Library of Israel, HO/AP/dapd)

Exchange between Christian, Jewish and Muslim Scholars

Exploring a Shared Heritage

Prof. Sabine Schmidtke, head of the Research Unit for the Study of Intellectual History in the Islamicate World at the Freie Universität Berlin, has a passion in life: working with ancient manuscripts. In the course of her work, she discovers common threads in the thinking of Christian, Jewish and Muslim scholars. Arnfrid Schenk takes a closer look at her work and its significance outside the academic worldMore

Jewish men pray at the Amram ben Diwan synagogue during a Jewish pilgrimage in northern Morocco (photo: Abdelhak Senna/AFP/GettyImages)

Interreligious Dialogue in Morocco

Peaceful Co-existence between Divine Religions

Before the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, about a quarter of a million Jews lived in Morocco. In the 1950s and 1960s, many emigrated to the new Jewish state, leaving a diminished Jewish community behind. Hind Al-Subai Al-Idrisi takes a closer look at interreligious dialogue in Morocco, a predominantly Muslim country that is now ruled by a moderate Islamist partyMore

Ali Bardakoglu, secular Turkey's top religious official (R) greets Pope Benedict XVI at the Directorate of Religious Affair in Ankara, November 2006 (photo: EPA/Patrick Hertzog)

Pope Benedict XVI and Turkey's Muslims

The Eternal Theologian

Pope Benedict XVI was only just in the process of becoming a Pope. He will be remembered by the Turks as someone who got lost in this process. How Turkish Muslims viewed Benedict XVI. By Kerim BalciMore

Muslim women watch an NDP demonstration in the city of Duisburg (photo: AP)

Right-wing Extremism and Islamophobia in Germany

Sending out a Political Signal

In this essay, Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, warns against the trivialisation of anti-Islamic tendencies and right-wing extremist violence, both of which are increasingly posing a threat to social peace in GermanyMore