Dossier: Hamas

Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hamas, Nablus (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Hamas after the Overthrow in Egypt

Stuck in the Tunnel

Hamas abandoned Syria and Iran in the course of the Syrian civil war and relied on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as their powerful regional ally. However after Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian military, the Palestinian organization became isolated in the region. A background report by Juliane MetzkerMore

A Syrian child in a refugee camp on the Syrian border (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Syrian Civil War Refugees

Stranded in Gaza

To date, 70,000 Palestinians have fled the civil war in Syria. Only Hamas in the Gaza Strip is welcoming them with open arms. Inge Günther reports from GazaMore

Raji Sourani (photo: Tom Knutson/Right Livelihood Foundation)

Alternative Nobel Prize for the Palestinian Raji Sourani

"We Just Don't Have the Right to Give up Hope"

The Palestinian lawyer Raji Sourani has been named laureate of the 2013 'Alternative Nobel Prize' "for his unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law under exceptionally difficult circumstances". Sourani sees the award as an "incentive not to lose hope". By Ulrike SchleicherMore

Palestinian children at the Palestinian-Egyptian border (photo: AP)

Palestinian Reaction to Morsi's Downfall

Gaza Listening for the Message from Tahrir Square

The long years of division between Hamas and Fatah have created an awareness of the need for compromise among the organization's leaders. But now, the military coup in Egypt represents a threat to the reconciliation process in Palestine. By Ingrid RossMore

Israeli fighter jet (photo: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

Israeli Air Attacks in Syria

Blinding Flashes in a Shadowy War

The latest Israeli air bombardments of military facilities near Damascus throw a spotlight on the Israeli-Iranian conflict in the region, and apparent Israeli plans to fight Iran and Hezbollah on Syrian territory. Analysis by Stefan BuchenMore

Palestinian activists from the tent city Bab al-Shams in the West Bank (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Non-Violent Resistance in Palestine

Hitting a Nerve

Palestinian activists are increasingly employing strategies of peaceful resistance: The tent camp they have erected on sites earmarked for settlement construction are symbolic of the battle that has flared up over Areas B and C in the West Bank. Ingrid Ross reports. By Ingrid RossMore

Naftali Bennett, leader of the Israeli religious Zionist Habayit Hayehudi party (photo: EPA)

Israel's Party Landscape

Annexation not Negotiation

Israel's party landscape has undergone reorganization yet again ahead of this week's elections, with a clear shift to the right still in evidence. The predicted success of a militant religious nationalist party openly advocating the annexation of most of the West Bank serves as a clear indication of this trend – which is bad news for the peace process. Analysis by Joseph CroitoruMore

Assaf Gavron (photo: dpa)

Israel's Social Media and the Gaza Crisis

Truths Come Through

In light of the war of information raging throughout the current Gaza conflict, the Israeli writer Assaf Gavron highlights the important role that social media plays in his country, providing a voice for authentic and independent viewpoints beyond any control or influence by the stateMore

Palestinian boys stand next to the destroyed house of Hejazi family after what Hamas Health Ministry said was an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip November 20, 2012 (photo: Reuters)

Israel and the Gaza Crisis

Trapped in the Language of Force

Lev Grinberg, Professor of Political Sociology at the Ben Gurion University in Tel Aviv, says Israeli intervention in the Gaza conflict is short-sighted. Exclusive recourse to military force blocks opportunities for peaceful negotiations in the long-term, and plays politically into the hands of Hamas, he saysMore

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) and the Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi (photo: Reuters)

The Gaza Conflict in the Wake of the Arab Spring

The Regional Powers' New Confidence

Egypt and Turkey, two regional powers in the Middle East, are getting actively involved in the Gaza conflict. Not only have they condemned Israel's attacks on Gaza, they are also looking for a long-term ceasefire solution. This is creating a new regional diplomacy and reconfiguring the relationship between the region and Europe and the USA, writes Karim El-GawharyMore

Hamas activist in Gaza City (photo: Reuters)

Gaza Conflict

A Boost to Hamas

While Israel's air offensive in the Gaza Strip may have weakened Hamas militarily, it has also enhanced the group's standing on the international stage. The US and the Europeans are looking for ways to open dialogue with the new Arab world. Unconditional solidarity with Israel is no longer guaranteed. Commentary by Tomas AvenariusMore

Protests in Egypt against Israel's air strikes in the Gaza Strip (photo: Reuters)

Egypt and the Gaza Crisis

Mounting Pressure on President Morsi

After the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi is under increasing pressure to balance domestic and international expectations. The anger among Egyptians over Israel and the US could even force Morsi to insist on renegotiating the peace treaty with Tel Aviv. By Matthias SailerMore

Fisher boats on the beach at Rafah in the Southern Gaza Strip (photo: Bettina Marx/DW)

Palestinian Territories

Fishermen from Gaza Risk Their Lives at Work

The fishermen from Gaza have a dangerous job. Israeli soldiers, often armed to the gills, obstruct their work. Last month, a 22-year-old fisherman was shot dead. Bettina Marx reports from Gaza CityMore

Graffiti on the wall at the checkpoint Qalandia (photo: Yannick von Lautz)

Protests in the Palestinian Territories

A Belated Arab Spring for Palestine?

Demonstrations by thousands of Palestinians against rising food and fuel prices have alarmed the rulers in Ramallah: the government of Salam Fayyad is coming under increasing pressure as people demand explanations for the country's ongoing economic plight. Is Palestine on the brink of an upheaval like the Arab Spring that swept through other countries in the region? By Fabian SchmidmeierMore

Sari Nussaibeh (photo: Rina Castelnuovo)

Interview with Sari Nusseibeh


Plea for Radical Pragmatism

Sari Nusseibeh, a prominent Palestinian philosopher, says that the two-state solution is no longer viable. In this interview with Naima El Moussaoui, he argues that a single Jewish state on the whole territory in exchange for second-class Palestinian status could help move the situation out of gridlockMore

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah (photo: AP)

Hezbollah and the Uprising in Syria


Can the ''Party of God'' Weather the Arab Spring?

For many years, Hezbollah's popularity across the Arab and Muslim worlds seemed unbreakable. Long seen as the defender of those oppressed by Israel and America, its reputation has clearly taken a dent as a result of its support for President Assad in Syria. It now finds itself at odds with those across the Arab world seeking democracy and civil rights. An analysis by Paul SalemMore