Topic: Iranian Cinema

Bahram Beyzai's "Sagkoshi", Iranian blockbuster (photo: TehranAvenue)

The Ambivalent Worlds of Iranian Cinema

Filmstill "Gabbeh", by Mohsen Makhmalbaf (photo: Makhmalbaf Film House)

Reality Torn and Distorted

Kamal Tabrizi (photo: ISNA)

The Iranian Filmmaker Kamal Tabrizi

Should One Be Allowed to Laugh at Mullahs?

photo: Makhmalbaf Film House

Iranian Cinema

The old maestro's last trip: Ismail Ghaffari is Mamo in Bahman Ghobadi's "Half Moon" (photo: Pandora Film Verleih)

Bahman Ghobadi's Film "Half Moon"

Always Searching, Always on the Run

Scene from "The Outcasts" (&copy

Iranian War Film Comedy

Good-for-Nothings at the Front

Scene from "Offside": Iranian female soccer fan accompanied by fan dummie (photo: &copy Berlinale)

Jafar Panahi's "Offside"

Protected from the Profanities of the Bellowing Fans

Tahmineh Milani (photo: AP)

The Cheeky Girl