Dossier: Islam in the Balkans

Muslim men praying in Berlin's Sehitlik Mosque (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Debate on European Islam


A Mined Terrain

The concept of European Islam has proved to be a constant source of controversy. For some it embodies the deliverance of Islam from everything that is perceived as backward looking and pre-modern. Others fear that a European Islam is a watered-down religion, a kind of government-controlled "state Islam", prepared to fully accommodate to the wishes of the authorities. By Claudia MendeMore

The Emperor's Mosque in Sarajevo (photo: Wikipedia)


Too Diverse to Domesticate

Since 9/11, a debate has raged in Europe about whether the principles and tenets of Islam are compatible with modern European culture and its values. Might "Bosnian Islam" be the model Europe is looking for? Or should Europe avoid trying to domesticate Islam altogether? Scholars meeting in Stuttgart took a fresh look at these questions. Zoran Arbutina reportsMore