Dossier: Media Dialogue

A woman wearing a headscarf standing in front of a camera (photo: DW)

Journalism from the Middle East

Tall Tales from the Desert

A blogging Syrian lesbian, Libyan soldiers in a Viagra-fuelled frenzy, Tunisian women on a sexual Jihad: The blend of sex, Islam and war is failsafe bait for western media, which often fall for propaganda from the Middle East. Not all of the stories are hoaxes, but many of them are. By Sonja Zekri in CairoMore

Journalists protest for the freedom of the press in Turkey (photo: dpa)

Freedom of the Press in Turkey

Tied to the Leash of the State

According to information from "Reporters without Borders", there are more journalists imprisoned in Turkey today than there ever have been since the end of the military regime in 1983. The freedom of the Turkish press is kept within very narrow limits. Yet, is this really such a new phenomenon? Fatih Cicek offers some answersMore

An array of Turkish print media (photo: Thomas Seibert/DW)

Turkey's Media and the NSU Trial in Germany

Comparisons with the Situation at Home

Turkish media closely watched the opening of the NSU trial in Munich on Monday. Newspapers describe the feelings of the victims' families and the main defendant's attitude in court. Thomas Seibert reports from IstanbulMore

Fighters of the Free Syrian Army driving in a tank through a street near Damascus (photo: Reuters)

Criticism of the Media in the Case of Syria

The Perversion of the Media Machine

Western media attention is only refocused on protracted conflicts in the Arab world – such as those in Iraq and Syria – when their own correspondents fall victim to these wars. Commentary by Karim El-GawharyMore

People demonstrating their solidarity with Romani people who are threatened with deportation from Germany (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Book Review: Miltiades Oulios on deportation in Germany

The Dark Side of a Cosmopolitan and Liberal Society

According to the Cologne-based journalist Miltiades Oulios, deportation only works in an environment of intransparency. With his recently published book, he seeks to shed some light on the obscurity of this subject. Claudia Kramatschek read the bookMore

Protest against the Assad regime (photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Civil War and Cultural Protest in Syria

''The Revolution Has Become an Orphan''

As the military conflict in Syria continues to escalate, the commitment of many peace activists and creative professionals in Syria is going more or less unnoticed by the media and in western public consciousness. An essay by Astrid KaminskiMore

Riot police watch as an Bahraini anti-government protester holds up a picture of jailed political leader Hassan Mushaima with the words 'Mushaima is in danger', during a protest in Diraz, Bahrain, on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 (photo: Hasan Jamali/AP/dapd)

The Arab Spring and the Media

Distorted Images

Why have Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya and most western media neglected to report on the uprisings in Bahrain? Is it true that in Syria, Alawites are fighting against Sunni Muslims? And who were the real victims of the Houla massacre? Amira Mohsen Galal takes a look at some of the most striking flaws in reporting on the Arab Spring, two years after the uprisings beganMore

Employee at the Al-Jazeera headquarters in Doha, Qatar (photo: AP)

Arab States in Transition and the Role of the Media

Why We Should Pay More Attention to Arab Media

The Arab Spring took both regional potentates and the West by surprise. One of the reasons was that Arab media was almost totally ignored, claims the political scientist Asiem El-DifraouiMore

The anchor woman, Judith Rakers, presenting the German news bulletin, ''Tagesschau'' (photo: dpa/Sebastian Widmann)

Book Review: ''News - The Televised Revolution''

Mouths Issuing Silent Screams

The work of artist Monika Huber is a critical appraisal of how the media reported on the Arab Spring. Some of her pieces now appear in a book published in cooperation with the Middle East reporter Susanne Fischer. A review by Björn ZimprichMore

An array of television cameras pointed at the viewer (photo: DW)

The Media and ''The Innocence of Muslims''


Against the Islamisation of Muslims

Reports by Western media on the violent protests in the Muslim world against the film "The Innocence of Muslims" have delivered a one-sided and over-simplified picture of the Muslims and the complex reality in which they live. By Hoda SalahMore

Honey Al-Sayed (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Uprising against Assad

''We Syrians have become pretty fearless''

Syria's former star radio presenter Honey Al-Sayed is certain that Assad will be toppled. In her article she writes that for a free, democratic Syria, there will have to be strategic planning, political awareness and effective internal, regional and international supportMore

Twitter Website (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Social Media in Turkey

Circumventing Censorship

A growing number of young Turks are turning to social media, complaining that mainstream media are being increasingly controlled by the government. Dorian Jones reports from IstanbulMore

Erol Önderoğlu (photo: Arian Fariborz)

Press Freedom in Turkey

Against the Criminalization of Journalism

Despite some reforms and ongoing negotiations for EU membership, Turkey's ranking in the Reporters without Borders Press Freedom Index remains strikingly low. Qantara's Fatma Kayabal spoke to, Erol Önderoğlu, the organization's correspondent in IstanbulMore

Latuff cartoon: Mubarak tries to censor Al Jazeera (image: Latauff/Wikipedia)

Al Jazeera and Qatar

Accessories of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring, a true popular uprising against decades of corruption and repression, owed its astonishingly rapid spread not least to the Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera, says media analyst Khaled HroubMore

Young Egyptian reading Al-Ahram, one day after Mubarak's fall (photo: AP)

The Image of the West in the Arab Media

The Perception of the Other

Lebanese media expert Maurice Abu Nader summarises the results of the latest report by the "Arab Thought Foundation" on inter-cultural dialogue – a report that undertakes a detailed examination of the perception of the West as portrayed by the newspapers "Al-Hayat" and "Al-Ahram"More

Al-Jazeera editorial room in Doha, Qatar (photo: AP)

Arab and Western Media 10 Years after 9/11

When Is a Martyr a Martyr?

Ten years after the attacks of 11 September 2001, international media need an East–West consensus – and not just with regard to the usage of key terms. Common standards and ethical norms are indispensable for reporting in crisis situations. A commentary by Loay MudhoonMore