Topic: Migration in Germany

Turkish-born Integration Minister of Baden Württemberg Bilkay Öney, visiting a mosque in Mannheim (photo: dpa)

Interview with Integration Minister Bilkay Öney

"Integration is a matter of wanting to, being able and being allowed to"

Schoolboy writes the word "Integration" on a chalk board (photo: dpa)

Muslims in Germany


''Integration in Germany Is Making Progress''

Anti-Islam demonstration in Mülheim, Germany (photo: dpa)

Parallels between Anti-Semitism and 'Criticism of Islam'

Treading a Thin Line

Delegates at the fifth Integration Summit at the German Chancellery (photo: dpa)

Fifth Integration Summit

Paternalism Instead of Equality

Young Muslim women in front of the Sehitlik mosque in Berlin (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Standing up to Discrimination against Muslims

Know Your Rights!

Woman wearing the headscarf looking at a sheet showing the heraldic eagle of the Federal Republic of Germany (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

German Intellectuals and Islam

Capitulation or Scaremongering?

Islamic religious education in Stuttgart (photo: AP)

Teaching Islam in German Schools


Religion Must Not Be Regarded as an Integration Problem

Aygül Özkan, Lower Saxony’s minister for Social Welfare and Integration Affairs (photo: dpa)

Interview with Minister of Social Affairs Aygül Özkan

''Diversity Is Better Than Closed-Mindedness''

People lighting candles for the victims of the massacre in Norway (photo: Matt Dunham/AP/dapd)

After the Massacre in Norway

Critics of Islam Face a Dilemma

The new central mosque in Cologne (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Cologne's New Central Mosque

Open to All

prominent examples: female footballers de Mbabi (2nd from right) and Bajramaj (right) are fully integrated into the German women national team (photo: dpa)

Migration in Germany

Football Can Contribute to Integration

Woman with headscarf, a Turkish and a German national flag in the background (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

The Integration Myth


A Correction

A boy with a Turkish and a German flag (photo: AP)

Migration in Germany

Photograph symbolising migration and education (photo: dpa)

Migrants in Germany

Germany's New Elite

German dailies (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Media and Integration

Politics as a Corrective of the Fourth Estate