Topic: Migration in Germany

Cover Gazelle Magazine (photo: Gazelle)

Gazelle – A Multicultural Women's Magazine


For a Positive and Multi-faceted Image

Students in a lecture hall of the University of Kassel, Germany (photo: AP)

Study on Turkish Academics and Students in Germany

Squandered Potential

A woman in a headscarf writes the word integration on a chalk board (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Migrants in Germany

Germany's New Elite

Ilkay Gündogan wearing the black and yellow strip of Borussia Dortmund (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Profile: Ilkay Gündogan

A Model of Successful Integration

Sahira (photo: Sahira Management)

Portrait: Berlin Hip Hop Singer Sahira

A Berlin Mouth with a Palestinian Heart

Feraidun Zaimoglu (photo: Nimet Seker)

Portrait Feridun Zaimoglu

From "Educated Kanakster" to Literary Star

Foreign students inform themselves about schedule for the winter term at Cologne university (photo: dpa)

Educational Migrants from Third Countries

"Graduate Quickly and Leave"

Armando Rodrigues

Immigration and Germany

From Foreign Worker to Citizen

Seyran Ates; Foto: dpa

Interview with Seyran Ates

"Silence Makes Me An Accomplice"

Cover "Mikses"

Intercultural Magazine "Mikses"

Meet Your Prejudice

Asli Bayram (photo: AP)

Asli Bayram

Turkish-Born Beauty Queen as Anne Frank

Neco Celik (photo: Nimet Seker)

Interview with Neco Celik

"I Am an Integration Objector"

Scene from the play "Black Virgins" (photo: Ute Langkafel, mai.foto)

Feridun Zaimoglu's "Black Virgins"

Islamo-Feminism Goes Radical

Portrait of Hülya Kandemir (photo: Nimet Seker)

Interview with Hülya Kandemir


"God Is the Greatest Artist"