Dossier: Syrian Civil War

Beratungen zu Syrien in Genf: US-Außenminister John Kerry (l.) neben dem UN-Gesandten Lakhdar Brahimi (m.) und Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow; Foto: Reuters

Syrian Conflict

Political Breakthrough or Tactical Manoeuvre?

In Geneva, the US and Russian foreign ministers announced their agreement on a plan for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons – but is it a breakthrough for a political solution? Or is the agreement itself merely a manoeuvre to help Russia and the USA save face? Answers from Andreas ZumachMore

US President Barack Obama (l.) and the US Minister of Defence Chuck Hagel (photo: Getty Images)

US Military Strike against Syria

More Harm than Good

US military strikes on Syria have the potential to engulf the entire region – and perhaps the US – in a broader war. After its experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade, the US can hardly afford a Syrian quagmire, says Seyed Hossein Mousavian in his essayMore

Uri Avnery (photo: DW/Tania Krämer)

Interview with Uri Avnery

"Pessimism Means Nothing to Me"

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery is celebrating his 90th birthday. In this interview with Tania Krämer, he offers his perspective on the recent Middle East peace talks and the many questions arising from the Syrian conflictMore

Irans Präsident Hassan Rohani während einer Rede vor dem Parlament in Teheran (photo: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Iran and the Syria Conflict

Pragmatism instead of Confrontation

Iran has welcomed the Russian imitative for international control of Syria's chemical weapon arsenal. The fact that President Obama is now pushing for a diplomatic solution to the conflict is also good news for the moderate forces in Tehran, who do not wish to support Assad at any price. By Marcus MichaelsenMore

Anti-Assad protests in Idlib, 2012 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

The German NGO "Adopt a Revolution"

Planning for a Postwar Syria

In times of war and carnage, the German nonprofit organization "Adopt a Revolution" supports Syrian civil society groups and plans for a Postwar Syria. Paul Hockenos reportsMore

Drawing of a Syrian refugee child (source: Sirin, Özer, Oppedal)

Syria's Civil War

The Emotional Scars of the Refugee Children

The war in Syria has traumatized children as well as adults. Their nightmares and drawings are blood red. In Turkey, one center is providing a sense of stability for refugees of all ages - paintbrush included. Monika Griebeler reports from AntakyaMore

Syrian activists inspect the corpses of civilians killed by nerve gas in north-eastern Damascus (photo: Reuters)

Civil War in Syria


The Time to Act is Now

In this commentary, Kristin Helberg says that there will be no negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis unless the conflict is escalated to international level. Until then, Syrians will continue to pay the price for the world's half-heartednessMore

A boy and a man run away from a cloud of gas in Aleppo, 24 March 2013 (photo: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)

Interview with Sadiqu Al-Mousllie of the Syrian Opposition

"The Murderous Assad Regime Must Be Stopped"

The Syrian opposition has accused government troops of killing 1,300 people in a poison gas attack. In an interview with Falah Elias, Sadiqu Al-Mousllie – a member of the opposition Syrian National Council – calls for military action against the Syrian dictatorMore

Protests in Tunisia at the start of the Jasmine Revolution (photo: DW/Mounir Khelifi)

Social Fabric and Solidarity in the Arab World

The Indifference of the Arab Middle Class

The upheaval in the Arab world has radically changed the fabric of society there. The Arab Spring has been followed by a shift in affinities towards people's kinship and religion. Moreover, the recent civil war in Syria has shown that Arab solidarity is a myth. An essay by Sami MahroumMore

Two workers of a Syrian underground radio station at work at computer (photo: Anne-Beatrice Clasmann/picture-alliance/dpa)

Media in Syria

Online Radio Station Gives Syrians Hope

Baladna FM has one major goal: to give users hope in the midst of Syria's bloody civil war. Reporters recount stories of everyday life in Syrian cities and face invisible enemies on the Internet. Jan Bruck talked to the producers of Baladna FMMore

Campaign for the release of Syrian activist and software developer Bassel Khartabil (photo: ©

Internet Activists in Syria

Virtual (Counter-)Revolution

Online activists in Syria have been involved in the anti-Assad rebellion from the outset. And although the regime is now playing them at their own game, their online presence shows one thing above all else: That in this nation at war, civil resistance continues to exist. By Jannis HagmannMore

Lebanese army troops fighting radical sheikh al-Assir in Sidon (photo: Reuters)

Tension between Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon

New Lines of Demarcation

The effects of the war in Syria are being felt in Lebanon. Violent confrontations are flaring up between the Sunnis and the Shiites in a country in which several religious groups have to coexist. And there is no reason to assume that the situation will improve. Mona Naggar reports from BeirutMore

EU flags outside the European Commission in Brussels (photo: Thierry Monasse/DPA)

Europe's Syria Policy

Union of the Unwilling

The Syrian conflict has shown that the UN's "responsibility to protect" concept and the EU's common foreign and security policy are no more than wishful thinking, writes Andreas ZumachMore

Rosa Yassin Hassan (photo: DW)

Interview with the Syrian Writer Rosa Yassin Hassan

Touched by Magic

Until a few months ago, Rosa Yassin Hassan was filing daily reports on the war in Syria in her blog, "Diary of the Syrian Revolution". Her accounts detailed both the suffering of civilians and the brutal acts committed by both the regime and the opposition. Persecuted by the regime, she fled to Germany in the autumn of 2012. Laura Overmeyer spoke to herMore

Turkish F16 fighter planes (photo: imago/Xinhua)

No-fly Zone for Syria

Last Chance to End the Misery

The imposition of a no-fly zone in 1991 against the regime of Saddam Hussein worked wonders for Iraqi Kurdistan. Twenty years later, a no-fly zone in Libya led to resolution of the conflict there. Why shouldn't it also be tried in northern Syria? A commentary by Silke MertinsMore

Robert Fisk (photo: imago/Xinhua)

Interview with Robert Fisk on the War in Syria

A War That Won't End

President Bashar al-Assad's troops in Syria are gaining ground. British Middle East reporter Robert Fisk met some of them when he visited the front lines earlier this month. Interview by Michael HartlepMore