Dossier: Theatre in the Arab World

Photo of a Nemashim theatre production entitled "Remembering the return to Haifa" (photo:

Book review: Uri Shani's "Nemashim" theatre project

Creating a level playing field

In his book, the Israeli theatre director and drama teacher Uri Shani describes the ups and downs of an Arab–Hebrew community theatre project known as "Nemashim". Julie Schwannecke read the book and spoke with the authorMore

Young men practice juggling (photo: Palestinian Circus School)

The Palestinian Circus School

Spreading hope and fostering inclusion

Pupils at the Palestinian Circus School don't just learn how to somersault and juggle, their training gives them the chance to transform their negative energy into self-confidence, creativity and hope – no mean feat in a country where children and young people have to cope with the harsh realities of violence and military occupation. Laura Overmeyer paid the school a visitMore

Performance of Fadhel Jaibi's play "Tsunami" in Dougga (photo: Sarah Mersch)

Tunisian Theatre Director Fadhel Jaibi

Warning against a Black Wave of Islamism

In his first play since the overthrow of Ben Ali two years ago, Tunisian theatre director Fadhel Jaibi warns against the rise of the Islamists. But according to Sarah Mersch, "Tsunami" lacks the subtle analysis so characteristic of his earlier productionsMore

Scene from 'Der deutsche Stuhl' (photo: Monika Borgmann)

Lebanese Victims of Torture

Remembering Palmyra

They were abducted and tortured. Now they have taken to the stage: In "The German Chair", Lebanese survivors of Syrian jails recreate the horrors of the civil war in a play. By Jannis HagmannMore

Meriam Bousselmi (photo: Globalize Cologne)

Interview with the Tunisian Theatre Director Meriam Bousselmi

Fear of Religious Fanatics

The young Tunisian lawyer, dramatist and director, Meriam Bousselmi, was born in Tunis, where she still lives, in 1983. She's currently making a name for herself with sharp, critical works for the theatre, such as her latest production, "Sabra". She spoke to Suleman TaufiqMore

Al-Kasaba trainee actors in rehearsal (photo: Schauspiel-Akademie)

Drama School in the West Bank

Theatre of Hope

Students at the West Bank's first and only drama school talk about their struggle to establish a theatre in the West Bank and their desire to change society for the better through theatre. Ulrike Schleicher spoke to three of themMore

Poster for the Dance Festival on Marche in Marrakesh

The ''On Marche'' Festival in Marrakesh

The Ethic of Dance Is a Shock for Many

The eighth contemporary dance festival "On Marche" is taking place in Marrakesh this year. In spite of the fact that there is still considerable resistance to the idea of dance, the festival still manages to turn public places into open stages which are enthusiastically received by the public. By Astrid KaminskiMore

Dancers of the "Stop and Dance" project in a Cairo subway station (photo: Amira El Ahl)

"Mahatat" Dance Project in Cairo

Stop and Dance!

Spontaneous flash mob art amid social upheaval and political turmoil – "Stop and Dance" is an ambitions intercultural dance project, which aims to promote mobile street art in Egypt. Amira El Ahl reports from CairoMore

Günther Hasenkamp (photo: Goethe Institute Cairo)

The Cultural Scene in Egypt

Creative Artists Are the Motor for Change

Creative artists in Arab countries are playing a key role in the revolutionary process. But their efforts are being hampered by poor infrastructure. This is where international cultural work can help, says Günther Hasenkamp, Programme Director at the Goethe Institute in CairoMore

Laila Soliman (photo: private copyright)

Interview with the Egyptian Theatre Director Laila Soliman

Vomit – Until the Revolution Comes

As far as the West was concerned, the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak meant that the system had been changed. But for many young Egyptians, the uprising has continued. Hans-Christoph Zimmermann spoke to Laila Soliman about what it's like to live and make theatre under the rule of the Supreme Military CouncilMore