For this dialogue series, Qantara.de has asked intellectuals from various cultural backgrounds to engage in an exchange of letters on a given theme, as, for instance, sharia laws and human rights, anti-Semitism, and women's rights and Globalization in PakistanMore

Charlotte Wiedemann (left) and Mansoura Ez-Eldin (photo: private copyright / Isolde Ohlbaum)

In Dialogue: Charlotte Wiedemann & Mansoura Ez-Eldin

Prospects for Women in the Arab Spring

As part of our new "Dialogue" series, the prominent German journalist Charlotte Wiedemann and the renowned Egyptian novelist Mansoura Ez-Eldin discuss social achievements and prospects for women in the Arab SpringMore

Khaled Al-Khamissi (left) and Stefan Weidner (photomontage: Susanne Schanda/DW)

In Dialogue: Khaled Al-Khamissi – Stefan Weidner

The Arab Spring

The Egyptian writer Khaled Al-Khamissi, whose novel Taxi anticipates the revolution of 25 January in literary form, and the renowned author and literary critic Stefan Weidner debate the revolution on the Nile and its knock-on effects on other Arab statesMore

Zafer Senocak and Abdelkader Benali (photos: private)

Zafer Senocak – Abdelkader Benali

Muslims and Integration in Europe

In their correspondence, Zafer Senocak, one of the most prominent and versatile German-Turkish writers, and Abdelkader Benali, a popular and critically acclaimed Dutch-Moroccan novelist, discuss their migrant's experience in two different cultures and the integration problems Muslims are facing todayMore

Brian Klug and Robert Wistrich

Brian Klug - Robert Wistrich

When Is Opposition to Israel and Its Policies Anti-Semitic?

What kind of role does anti-Semitism play in the Middle East Conflict? At what point does opposition to Israel turn into anti-Semitism? These issues are discussed by Brian Klug, British philosopher and journalist, and Robert Wistrich, director of the International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism in JerusalemMore

Charlotte Wiedemann and Ghazala Irfan

Charlotte Wiedemann - Ghazala Irfan


Women and Globalization in Pakistan

During her last visit to Pakistan, Berlin-based author and journalist Charlotte Wiedemann met Ghazala Irfan, Associate Professor at Lahore University of Management Science. In their dialogue, they discuss the role of women in the Pakistani society and the clash of globalization and traditional societyMore

Emran Qureshi and Heba Raouf Ezzat

Emran Qureshi - Heba Raouf Ezzat


Are Sharia Laws and Human Rights Compatible?

In their correspondence, Emran Qureshi, journalist and expert for Islam and human rights, and Heba Raouf Ezzat, lecturer for political science and womens' rights activist, discuss the role of the Sharia in Islamic countries and the WestMore

Abbas Beydoun and Michael Kleeberg

Abbas Beydoun - Michael Kleeberg

War on Iraq

Lebanese poet and essayist Abbas Beydoun and German author Michael Kleeberg met each other last winter during the Berlin Project - West-Eastern Diwan. Qantara.de invited these two renowned authors to participate in a weekly exchange of correspondence related to the events of the war against Iraq.More