In brief

Syrian Kurds say they cannot hold foreign jihadists indefinitely

German federal government approves arms exports to Yemen war alliance

UN Syria war crimes body to open two cases this year

Indonesian city orders top staff to 'pray or get a new job'

World Bank approves 50-million-dollar grant for Rohingya healthcare

Regional 'burka ban' up for vote in Switzerland

China distances children from families to subdue Muslim west

Jeans and chadors as Iran capital marks Ashura

UN rights body members push for prosecution of Myanmar atrocities

Syria's government and opposition welcome Idlib deal

Angela Merkel takes a gamble with new immigration law

American al-Qaida recruit tells of training and 'terrible boredom'

Germany frees Iraqi suspect in killing that sparked racist attacks

Malaysia urged to ban child marriages as older man weds teen

Ashura: why holy day brings fear for Afghan Shias

Last stand: Syria's rebel Idlib prepares for a losing battle

Egypt says it is fighting fake news, critics see new crackdown

U.S. State Department revokes PLO ambassador family visas

Iran orders the closure of a pro-reform newspaper

Iraq parliament elects pro-Iran candidates

Swiss open rape case against Tariq Ramadan

LGBT-friendly Berlin mosque de-radicalises Muslim youth

25 years after Oslo: destroyed Gaza airport symbolises grounded peace hopes

Exiled journalist Can Dundar claims the West has 'abandoned' Turkey

Germany's Maas meets Lavrov in last-ditch bid to prevent Idlib attack

Kurds and Christians split over Syria school curriculum

U.S. weighing sanctions over China's Muslim crackdown

Campaigning begins for Iraqi Kurdish parliamentary vote

Egypt freezes assets of Muslim Brotherhood charities

As Idlib offensive looms, Syrians flee to border villages

Uzbek imam sacked after urging president to allow hijabs and beards

U.S. vows to respond 'decisively' to attacks in Iraq by Tehran allies

UNESCO seeks to help Iraq's Mosul rebuild cultural heritage

Assad 'has been warned' on Idlib chemical use: Mattis

China to regulate online religious activity amid crackdown

Egypt condemns 75 to death over clashes; photojournalist Shawkan gets 5 years

Foreign fighters in Syria's Idlib face last stand

Pakistan removes economist from key role following Islamist backlash

Nigeria claims 'normalcy restored' after Boko Haram attack

Boris Johnson's Brexit 'suicide vest' comment sparks furore

Human Rights Watch: Muslim minority in China's Xinjiang face "political indoctrination"

Malaysian PM says public caning of lesbians tarnishes Islam

Curfew imposed in Iraq's Basra as one dies in protests

German state to investigate far-right AfD for 'unconstitutional goals'

Egypt hones its "anti-terrorism" skills with U.S. Special Forces

Jailed Morocco protest leader ends hunger strike

Council of Europe warns Spain on migrants in Africa enclaves

Belgium presenter's tearful plea on racist attacks goes viral

ICC rules it has jurisdiction over Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh

Syrian civilians brace for regime assault on Idlib

Dozens of Myanmar civil society groups condemn conviction of Reuters reporters

Tehran summit expected to seal fate of Syria's Idlib