In brief

Austrian province faces controversy over kosher meat register

UN 'deeply concerned' as communal violence surges in Mali

Dutch foreign minister criticised for saying multi-cultural societies are violent

U.S. pastor denied release in latest trial hearing in Turkey

Chinese 'Muslim re-education camps' in spotlight at Kazakh trial

Qatar ploughs ahead with World Cup plans despite crises

New migrant radio show in Lebanon seeks to break down stereotypes

Egypt targets social media and free speech with new law

Tens of thousands protest in Morocco over jailed Rif activists

Tunisia fights corruption with new illegal enrichment law

Electioneering in Pakistan provides a platform for radicals and extremists

Erdogan issues new decrees on second anniversary of failed coup

Germany to expand consultations with Muslim community

Muslim electoral candidates in USA face backlash

Human Rights Watch: Egypt uses counterterrorism laws to prosecute critics

Pakistan's Imran Khan "quietly confident" he will be PM

Headscarved Malaysian girl wows with freestyle football skills

Muslims in China's 'Little Mecca' fear eradication of Islam

Saudi Arabia arrests prominent cleric Safar al-Hawali

Army raises flag in Daraa, cradle of Syria revolt

Muslim scholars plead for peace in Afghanistan

German Turks warn of racism in angry World Cup post-mortem

Turkey sentences 72 defendants to life in coup bridge trial

Massive Turkey-funded mosque stirs unease in north Cyprus

Pakistan army says it has 'no direct role' in July 25 election

Migrants dreaming of Spain live off Moroccan dump

Germany's Seehofer launches "Migration Master Plan" with birthday jab at deportees

German court urges anti-Islam author Sarrazin and publisher to settle

Macron promises 'framework and rules' for Islam in France

Peace in Afghanistan more elusive as Taliban shrug off talks

Yemeni asylum-seekers spark backlash in South Korea

Pakistan election rally suicide bomb toll climbs to 20

Living a double life: Indonesia's atheists fear jail or worse

Kuwait's highest court sentences lawmakers to prison

Tens of thousands return home after south Syria ceasefire deal

Erdogan assumes greater powers as Turkey's new era begins

Mob justice and a settling of old scores in Iraqi IS trials

World failing displaced people, says Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in Myanmar

Pope Francis says walls, occupation and fundamentalism hamper peace

Syrian opposition: Talks resume with Russians to end Daraa violence

Erdogan's constitutional revolution: paving the way to one-man rule

Qatar's charm offensive to win over Washington

Refugees find their feet through football in Ireland

Iranʹs threatened Strait of Hormuz oil blockade: China calls for dialogue

UN envoy says Yemen's parties offer "concrete ideas" for peace

Egypt sentences former Morsi advisor to life

Capital of Tunisia elects its first female mayor

Turkey marks 25 years since mob attack on Alevi intellectuals

Muslim Arabs find warm welcome in Russia's remote Grozny

Guterres says Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh need world's support

UN Security Council to hold emergency Syria talks

NGOs: French arms sales aiding repression in Egypt