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Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria since 1999 (photo: Deutsche Welle)

Politics and the Economy in Algeria

Feeding off the Rentier Economy

Algeria is currently experiencing an unprecedented economic boom; high oil prices have flushed billions into the state's coffers. But instead of being the motor of an economic upswing for the entire country, the windfall is merely filling the bank accounts of the country's political elite. Werner Ruf sends us this analysisMore

Police and demonstrators in Cologne (photo: AP)

"Anti-Islam Congress" in Cologne

European Parties Fail to Feed Resentment against Islam

European right-wing populist parties had planned an "Anti-Islam Congress" in Cologne for the past weekend. An alliance of local people, politicians, the media, churches and associations put a stop to these plans. Frank Überall reports from CologneMore

Nadia Yassine (photo: &copy

Islam and Politics in Morocco

Nadia Yassine's Journey

The social entrapment of millions of poor Moroccans feeds a hunger for improvement. Can the the charismatic reformist Islamism of Nadia Yassine be the vehicle to deliver it, asks KA DildayMore

Saudi civil defense personnel search for bodies in the debris of the Al-Hamra compound following an explosion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 13 May, 2002 (photo: AP)

Saudi Arabia

Providing the Discourse That Attracts Terrorists

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly become the target of terrorist attacks. But regime critics say that it was government tactics that have provided a fertile feeding ground for terrorist ideology. Reinhard Baumgarten about the necessity of reformsMore

Bawa Abudu: a star in Ghana and a car-washer in Germany (photo: AP)


The Gas Station Singer

A service station in an industrial area of Münster couldn't be farther away from Ghana. For Bawa Abudu, it's a place where he can earn enough to feed his family - at least until the money matches his music's acclaim. By Guy DeganMore