Dossier: Media in Germany

Pinar Atalay (photo: dpa/Thorsten Jander)

The new face of the nightly news: Pinar Atalay

Not just the token migrant

On 7 March 2014, Pinar Atalay hosted the ARD's nightly news programme "Tagesthemen" for the first time. This was a first in Germany because Atalay was born in Germany to Turkish parents. Together with Dunja Hayali, Pinar Atalay is one of the most experienced presenters with a "migrant background" on German television. By Shohreh KarimianMore

symbol image Muslim blogger (photo: Fotolia/Gina Sanders)

Muslim Bloggers in Germany


Creating a Counter-public to Traditional Media

Germany's Muslim bloggers offer alternative opinions and perspectives on Muslim life. In so doing, they correct the image of Muslims that is portrayed in traditional media. Canan Topçu reportsMore

The founding members of the NdM (photo: © Neue deutsche Medienmacher)

The ''New German Media Makers'' Initiative

Seeking Greater Diversity in German Media

The diversity of the immigrant community in Germany is conspicuously absent from the German media. Hardly a country in Europe has as few media professionals with migrant backgrounds as Germany. A new association of media professionals, is intent on changing this situation. Sophie Schabarum has been taking a closer lookMore

Woman with headscarf, a Turkish and a German national flag in the background (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

The Integration Myth


A Correction

According to Confucius, every good government should start by 'rectifying terms'. It would therefore seem to be a good idea to clarify the term 'integration' and debunk the six great myths about it. An analysis by Rainer OechslenMore