Dossier: NSU trial

Protesters at a demonstration in Hamburg walk behind a very large banner that reads "NO to racism in politics, everyday life and institutions. ENOUGH killing, silence, tolerance, cover-ups" (photo: dpa)

Racism in Germany

Time to talk about racism

Until such time as there is an open debate about racism, the debate about integration in Germany will not more forward. After all, as Aladin El-Mafaalani explains, integration and racism are two key elements of a discourse on participation that a country of immigration has to addressMore

Gamze Kubasik sits on a beige couch and looks at the camera (photo: Andrea Grunau)

Turkish Victims of the NSU Murders in Germany

A Victim's Daughter Testifies

When she appears in court, Gamze Kubasik will testify in the presence of those accused of killing her father. She hopes for composure. She also seeks justice and a sense of "inner peace" that vanished in April 2006. Andrea Grunau reportsMore

An array of Turkish print media (photo: Thomas Seibert/DW)

Turkey's Media and the NSU Trial in Germany

Comparisons with the Situation at Home

Turkish media closely watched the opening of the NSU trial in Munich on Monday. Newspapers describe the feelings of the victims' families and the main defendant's attitude in court. Thomas Seibert reports from IstanbulMore

Demonstrators hold pictures of the victims of the NSU terror in front of the courthouse (photo: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach)

NSU Trial in Munich

A Thoroughgoing Investigation and Justice

A trial under strict security precautions has begun that will deal with the crime wave committed by the neo-Nazi terrorist group "National Socialist Underground". The families of the victims are hoping that the accused, Beate Zschäpe, will finally break her silence and take a stand on the charges. Details by Claudia MendeMore

Sheila Mysorekar (photo: private copyright)

NSU Trial against Right-wing Terrorism in Germany

Building up New Trust

The trial of an alleged member of the neo-Nazi terrorist group NSU at a regional court in Munich is not just any trial. It will provide a signal for the ethnic minorities in Germany, says Sheila Mysorekar, as to whether they feel they will have a secure future in the countryMore

Gamze Kubasik on 8 March 2013 in her appartment in Dortmund, Germany (photo: DW/Andrea Grunau)

Turkish Victims of the NSU Murders in Germany

A Daughter Demands Justice

Her father, Mehmet Kubasik, became eighth victim of the so-called NSU murders on April 4, 2006. In the lead-up to the neo-Nazi murder trials, daughter Gamze Kubasik discusses the terror of the past and her current hopes. Andrea Grunau reportsMore

Berlin, November 4th 2012: Several hundrets of citizens demonstrate against racism, some of them wearing T-Shirts showing photos of the victims of the NSU-terrorist cell (photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa)

One Year after the Uncovering of the Neo-Nazi Murders

When No One Takes a Stand for Decency

The right-wing terrorist cell NSU succeeded in shaking people's faith in the government and giving many immigrants in Germany the feeling that they are not safe in this country. And the authorities have still not managed to credibly stem this loss of confidence. A commentary by Tanjev SchultzMore

Kenan Kolat, the head of the Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Interview with Kenan Kolat

''We Need an Open Debate about Institutional Racism''

The failure of Germany's domestic intelligence agency to halt the activities of a neo-Nazi terror cell and recent revelations about the destruction of key files have led to accusations of institutional racism. Kenan Kolat, the head of the Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland (the Turkish Community in Germany), an advocacy group representing the interests of Turkish people in Germany, says faith in the country's security organs has hit rock bottom. Samira Sammer spoke to him.More