After the Christchurch mosque attacks
Time for non-Muslims everywhere to take a stand
The personality cult of Egypt's former president
Nasser is everywhere
After the massacre in New Zealand
Breaking the cycle of violence
"Iran, Ordibehescht 1396"
Freeloading in Iran

After the Christchurch mosque attacks

Following last Friday's attacks, German Muslims are worried that their places of worship may be targeted too. Christoph Strack writes that there is a simple way for non-Muslims to show solidarityRead more

The personality cult of Egypt's former president

Hagiography on the Nile: the cult of Gamal Abdel Nasser continues to spread, in part because it serves the purposes of Egypt's incumbent president. By Joseph CroitoruRead more

After the massacre in New Zealand

In the wake of the Christchurch attack, people took to the Internet to publish messages of both outrage and sympathy, as well as calls for retaliation. Where hatred prevails, reason no longer appears to have a voice. This barbaric act has unleashed destructive forces long buried beneath the surface, writes Jordanian journalist Mousa BarhoumaRead more

Christian Welzbacherʹs "Iran, Ordibehescht 1396"

"Iran, Ordibehescht 1396" is the title of a new book about Iran. According to the publisher, the "travelogue" by Christian Welzbacher is "a call for dialogue with the supposed enemy". For reviewer Fahimeh Farsaie, it feels more like a catalogue of tired cliches about the Middle EastRead more


Remembering the victims of the Christchurch attacks in New Zealand (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

After the massacre in New Zealand

Breaking the cycle of violence

Abdul Aziz Wahabzada (AFP/Getty Images/A. Wallace)

New Zealand terror attacks

The hero of Christchurch

Christchurch mourns the victims of the terrorist attack. "There was blood everywhere". Photo: Reuters/SNPA/M.Hunter

Terror attacks on mosques in New Zealand

A rupture in our civilisation


The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus (photo: Issam Hajjar)

The "Syrian Heritage Archive Project"

Syria's cultural landscape lives on – in Berlin

A family group in Baku stadium (photo: UNFPA in Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijanʹs struggle to promote the value of girls

Imams against sex-selective abortion

The Brandenburg Gate illuminated in the colours and symbols of the Turkish flag on 29.06.2016 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/K. D. Gabbert)

“New Istanbul” in Berlin

Turkish brain drainers versus guest workers


Artist Nil Yalter in "Walls"; acrylic on offset print, Vietorstrasse, Cologne-Kalk. Exhibition "Exile Is a Hard Job". Museum Ludwig 9 March - 2 June 2019 (photo: Nil Yalter/H. Krause)

Interview with Turkish-French artist Nil Yalter

"Female immigrants are doubly imprisoned"

Man passing a mural on Si Tir Street in Tehran, a famous boulevard in the Iranian capital (photo: Tasnim)

Christian Welzbacherʹs "Iran, Ordibehescht 1396"

Freeloading in Iran

Israeli artist Adi Liraz (photo: Ceyda Nurtsch)

Portrait of the Israeli performance artist Adi Liraz

Provocation as a search for identity

Libyan author Ibrahim al-Koni (source: YouTube)

Book review: Ibrahim al-Koniʹs "The Fetishists"

Intricate patterns of the mind