Algeria after the postponed elections
The closing window for change
Europe's policies in the Middle East
Late-colonial convulsions
Women's rights in Lebanon
Campaign exposes "victim-blaming" attitudes to rape
US withdrawal from Syria
The US is still needed in Syria

Algeria after the postponed elections

For more than four months now, protesters in Algeria have been urging a clean-up of the country's politics and a new constitution. But how realistic is change given the military's iron grip on power? By Dalia GhanemRead more

Europe's policies in the Middle East

The UK has stopped an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar. Italy and France are supporting opposing parties at war in Libya. Germany has other priorities. Europe is doing almost exactly what it did 100 years ago. An essay by Stefan BuchenRead more

Women's rights in Lebanon

Most abusive and discriminatory acts against women and girls in Lebanon are the direct result of unequal treatment of men and women within the Lebanese law and the influence of a patriarchal society that thrives on the control and oppression of women. By Narod HaroutunianRead more

US withdrawal from Syria

By rushing out of Syria now, the Trump administration is ceding the field to Russia, Turkey and Iran, all but guaranteeing another regional conflagration in the near future. By leading a new diplomatic effort to end the conflict and begin reconstruction, Trump could both extricate the US from the conflict and help stabilise the region. By Charles A. Kupchan and Sinan ÜlgenRead more


Protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's bid to run for a fifth term (photo: Getty Images/AFP)

Algeria after the postponed elections

The closing window for change

Erdogan supporters celebrate the end of the failed coup attempt, Taksim Square, Istanbul, July 2015 (photo: picture-alliance)

Third anniversary of the attempted coup in Turkey

"A gift from Allah" for Erdogan

Riyad Mahrez of Algeria scoring against Nigeria in the semi final of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (photo: Getty Images/AFP/J. Soriano)

Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt

Politics casts a long shadow


ABAAD demonstration at the Beirut International Marathon (photo: ABAAD)

Women's rights in Lebanon

Campaign exposes "victim-blaming" attitudes to rape

Postcard showing the Hotel Majestic in Tunis in the 1930s (source: Wikipedia)

Book review: Daniel Speck's "Piccola Sicilia"

Little Sicily in North Africa

Operation in a hospital run by Medecins sans Frontieres in Amman (photo: Philipp Breu)

Helping the Middle Eastʹs war-wounded

The hospital for all wars


Raja Alem (photo: Unionsverlag)

Book review: Raja Alem's "Sarab"

Gender under siege in Mecca

French author Alice Zeniter (photo: Imago Images)

Book review: Alice Zeniter's "L'Art de perdre"

Rediscovering a lost chapter of (family) history

The use of the Arabic language alongside the Hebrew language was a matter of course for Iraqi Jews right up to their death, as the text on the gravestone shows: Itzhak Schlomo, died on day 24 of the Hebrew month Iyar in 679 (source: Facebook; Israel in Iraqi dialect)

Iraqi Jews

Iraqi Judaism lives on in literary form

Martin Kollar's "Field Trip/Israel"; 2009-2011 (photo: Martin Kollar)

Berlin Jewish Museum: Exhibiting "This Place"

A personal take on Israel