Debate about racism
Germany is not the anti-racist model the U.S. is looking for
Fifth anniversary of the JCPOA
Saving the Iran nuclear deal
Private initiatives in Gaza
For a brighter future ... despite the blockade
Press freedom in Turkey
President Erdogan tightens the noose around social media

Debate about racism

Germany is often lauded for its atonement for its Nazi past. Yet the country upheld the structures that allowed – and allow – racism to flourish and Germanness to be intertwined with whiteness, writes Ursula MoffittRead more

Fifth anniversary of the JCPOA

Five years after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was concluded, it is on life support, following the US's reinstatement of sanctions and Iran's return to enrichment activities. Before two decades of diplomacy are squandered, all parties involved must step back from the precipice, says Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyRead more

The blockade makes life difficult in so many ways for the people of Gaza.  Safiyya and Azem Abu Daqqa, both qualified agricultural engineers, are just two young people who are taking the initiative and using creativity and innovative spirit to overcome the challenging situation in the Strip. They are seen here inspecting seedlings in their hydroponics greenhouse

Private initiatives in Gaza

As he sees the first of his successes making its way towards local markets, Azem Abu Daqqa feels very positive. The launch of an agricultural project in the south of the Gaza Strip, which challenges the reality of the Israeli blockade and the scarcity of job opportunities for the thousands of university graduates in this coastal area is promising. He isn't the only one to have seized the initiative. Fida Abu Elayyan, a pharmacist, is doing something very similar. A report from GazaRead more

Press freedom in Turkey

By massively regulating social media platforms, President Erdogan is trying to silence the remaining critical voices in Turkey, says Christian Mihr of the organisation Reporters Without Borders in his commentaryRead more


Chinese president Xi Jinping and U.S. president Donald Trump at G20 summit in Argentina, December 2018 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/Maxppp)

Uighur repression in China

Donald Trump, the obstacle to Washington's Uighur policy

Josep Borrell (photo: Reuters/V. Kessler)

Fifth anniversary of the JCPOA

Saving the Iran nuclear deal

President Erdoğan and senior Turkish ministers attend Friday prayers at Hagia Sofia, 24.07.20 (photo: picture-alliance/AA/M. Kamachi)

Interview with Olivier Roy on the conversion of Hagia Sophia

"Islamising stones is easier than Islamising souls"


Manacles (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/B. Pedersen)

Muslim racism and imperialism

Power and exclusion

After the murder of Pinar Gültekin, thousands of women took to the street in Istanbul calling for greater protection for women (photo: DHA)

Violence against women

Femicide on the rise in Turkey


Groupe RTD (photo: Janto Djassi)

Album review: Groupe RTD's "The Dancing Devils of Djibouti"

Foot-tapping fusion

Still from "Baamum Nafi", lit.: Nafi's father (source: Joye Didi Entertainment Company)

Islamism in Senegal

A fight for the soul of Islam