Israel-Hamas conflict
Gaza and Israeli residents struggle through a new reality
"Street Sounds: Listening to Everyday Life in Modern Egypt"
Egypt, and the "great clamour" of urban life
Middle East conflict
Flare-up between Israel and Hamas paints a bleak picture
Climate change in Bangladesh
The end of the line for climate migrants in Dhaka

Israel-Hamas conflict

Hostilities broke out between Hamas and Israel less than a week ago. But a swift escalation has left civilians on both sides trying to come to terms with the maddening unpredictability. Tania Kraemer reports from IsraelRead more

Ziad Fahmy's "Street Sounds"

In "Street Sounds", Ziad Fahmy offers the first historical examination of the changing soundscapes of urban Egypt, highlighting the mundane sounds of street life, while "listening" to the voices of ordinary people as they struggle with state authorities for ownership of the streets. In interview he explains his motivations and the value of such analysisRead more

Escalation in the Middle East

A local row triggered by ultra-right wing Jewish settlers trying to secure the forced expulsion of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem has re-ignited hostilities in the Middle East. As the bombs and rockets fall on Gaza and Israel once again, there is seems little prospect of a swift end to the clashes. By Inge GuntherRead more

"I lost my first home twenty years ago when I was working as a fisherman," Alam explains, "Then, three years later, my second home was washed away by the river, and then the same happened to my third home seven months ago." Following the loss of his second home in Bhola, Alam began earning money with a bicycle rickshaw. He’s now pounding the pavements on his rickshaw to make a living in Dhaka.

Climate change in Bangladesh

Global heating is driving domestic migration in Bangladesh, which sits just above sea level. With a population of 160 million, it is the most densely populated nation in the world. Former fisherman Jahangir Alam, now a rickshaw driver in Dhaka, is one of a huge number of people who are fighting for their very existence. By Dominik MullerRead more


Rocket fire from Gaza into Israel on 10 May 2021 (Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images Fired)

Escalation in the Middle East

Flare-up between Israel and Hamas paints a bleak picture

Hoping to make a legal profit: a Moroccan farmer packages cannabis seeds (photo: Fadel Senna/Getty Images/AFP)

Maghreb and the EU

Will medicinal cannabis become Morocco's no.1 export?


Jahangir Alam and his wife Farida outside their slum dwelling in Dhaka, Bangladesh (photo: Dominik Muller)

Climate change in Bangladesh

The end of the line for climate migrants in Dhaka

The sleepy neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem (photo: Tania Kraemer/DW)

Unrest over Sheikh Jarrah

With Jerusalem on edge, Palestinian families face eviction

Archive photo of sociologist and philosopher Juergen Habermas (photo: Janine Schmitz/photothek/imago images)

German angst and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Habermas, philosopher of communication, rejects dialogue

Symbolic image: media in Turkey (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Social media in Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's monitoring of the digital realm


German philosopher Juergen Habermas (photo: Getty Images/AFP/L. Gouliamaki)

Habermas, the Sheikh Zayed Award and Arab reactions

Habermas and the contradictions of the Arab intellectual

Traffic at a Cairo intersection (source: YouTube screenshot)

Ziad Fahmy's "Street Sounds"

Egypt, and the "great clamour" of urban life

British author Isabella Hammad (photo: Ula Soltys)

Isabella Hammad on "The Parisian"

"Palestinians need to set the terms of their own liberation"

Juergen Habermas at the John W. Kluge Prize award ceremony in Washington in 2015 (photo: Shawn Miller)

Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Why has Juergen Habermas rejected a prize from the UAE?