Parliamentary elections in Iran
Era of the Khamenei vassals
Racist terror in Germany
ʺNever againʺ? Let’s hope so!
Documentary: "For Sama"
The girl from a country in ruins
War in Syria
The horror of Idlib

Parliamentary elections in Iran

Once again there was not much to vote for in the Islamic Republic. Half of the candidates were excluded anyway. But for Khamenei, the election was part of a larger plan, namely full-scale preparation for an uncertain future. By Ali SadrzadehRead more

Racist terror in Germany

Nine victims of the right-wing extremist murderer of Hanau had a migration background. The motive for the crime is clear and unambiguous: racism. Sheila Mysorekar from the "Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen" commentsRead more

Documentary film: "For Sama"

"For Sama", the film by Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts that was crowned best European documentary at the last European Film Awards, gives us a very personal view of the war in Syria and the suffering of the civilian population. By Schayan RiazRead more

War in Syria

The recent escalation of violence in Idlib is also a result of the increasing tensions between Turkey and Russia. The victims are those in Idlib, caught up in a hopeless situation amid a huge spectrum of differing interests. By Bente SchellerRead more


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attends a rally in Tehran at the beginning of January 2020 (photo: Reuters)

Parliamentary elections in Iran

Era of the Khamenei vassals

Following the attack in Hanau: vigil for the victims (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Kneffel)

Racist terror in Germany

ʺNever againʺ? Let’s hope so!

Spent bullet from the Hanau attacker's gun (photo: AP)

Racist attack on Hanau

Not the only Nazi ideologue...

A man casts his vote during parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tehran on 21 February 2020 (photo: Reuters/WANA/I. Tabatabaee)

Elections in the Islamic republic

Strong vote for a strong Iran?


Uiguren protestieren in Istanbul gegen die Unterdrückung ihrer Angehörigen in China; Foto: AFP/Getty Images

Uighur repression in China

Beards and hijabs behind bars

Islamists protest the release of Asia Bibi in Pakistan (photo: AFP/Getty Images/A. Hassan)

Human rights in the Islamic world

Battle cry "blasphemy"

Muzoon Almellehan in 2018 at the United Nations in Geneva (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Muzoon Almellehan awarded German peace prize

"If you have an education, no-one can take it away from you"

Symbolic image of mass dismissals in Turkey (photo: picture-alliance/AP photo/P. Karadjias)

Dismissed by decree in Turkey

Social lynching, Erdogan's potent weapon


Sama standing on ruins in Aleppo in 2016. She holds a placard which says "This is Aleppo. What's justice?" (source: "For Sama"/Waad al-Kateab)

Documentary film: "For Sama"

The girl from a country in ruins

Fajrina Razak references the Kaaba: her cube of batik cloth was surrounded by a neon circle, thereby representing the artist's spiritual quest. "This was simply me trying to find my inner self, my individuality. The batik alludes to my Javanese ancestry" (photo: Naima Morelli)

2020 Singapore Art Week

Of spirituality in a contemporary age

Iranian bookshop owner Bijan Khalili from Los Angeles (photo: DW/Gero Schliess)

Contemporary Iranian literature

Reading outside the box

The artist Elia, played by director Elia Suleiman, in "It Must Be Heaven" (distributed by Le Pacte)

Film review: Elia Suleiman's "It Must Be Heaven"

"Open the door, you ass"