Nadia Murad
One woman's fight against IS
US presidential elections
Huma Abedin – the woman in the shadows
Slavoj Zizek on Islam and modernity
A Eurocentric perspective
Islamic divorce law in India
Trouncing triple talaq

Profile: Nadia Murad

She escaped from a living hell: Nadia Murad gives a face to the thousands of Yazidi women who were raped by members of IS. She openly tells of her time as a sex slave, her sorrow and her desire to change things. By Sabrina PabstRead more

US presidential elections

Huma Abedin, long-time aide to Hillary Clinton, is someone who prefers to remain in the background. The current election campaign has seen her dragged reluctantly into the limelight however – and confronted her with sex scandals and terror threats. By Mey Dudin

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Slavoj Zizek’s exploration of Islam and modernity

Unlike most of his published work, Slavoj Zizek′s latest essay on Islam and modernity is not left-wing at all. Rather surprisingly, he is favour of restricting the mobility of refugees within Europe and defends a whole range of Eurocentric attitudes. By Tarkan Tek

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Islamic divorce law in India

Victims of what they regard as archaic family law, many of India's Muslims are fed up. With their cause now being championed, rather ironically, by the Hindu nationalist BJP, they are hoping for an end to what critics refer to as "religious apartheid″. By Ronald MeinardusRead more


Thousands of demonstrators protested the hanging of Qadri, convicted of assassinating former Punjab governor Salman Taseer in 2011

Saudi influence in Pakistan

A perilous road

Voting in the Algerian parliament (photo: Getty Images/AFP/F. Batiche)

Citizenship law reform in Algeria

The tug-of-war over identity

Yemen′s former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Ali Abdullah Saleh and the conflict in Yemen

The lure of power

Huma Abedin (photo: Mike Blake/Reuters)

US presidential elections

Huma Abedin – the woman in the shadows


Stock secularism image (source:

Secularism in the Islamic world

Part II – Clouding the issue

Primary school children in Baghdad, 1995

Education in the Arab world

The emancipation gap

Arab tourists in Baku, Azerbaijan (photo:

Azerbaijan′s enlightenment

A nation at odds with itself

Nadia Murad (photo: picture-alliance/abacapress)

Profile: Nadia Murad

One woman's fight against Islamic State


Award-winning journalist Patrick Cockburn (photo: Martin Hunter)

Non-fiction: ″The Age of Jihad ″ by Patrick Cockburn

A catalogue of blunders

Scene from Anis Hamdoun′s ″The Trip″ (photo: Theater Osnabruck)

Refugee performers and their projects

No more tales of woe

Moroccan author Mahi Binebine (source: YouTube)

Book review: Mahi Binebine′s ″Le Seigneur vous le rendra″

Hoping for a better life

Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan (source: YouTube)

Book review: Ghassan Zaqtan's "Describing the past"

The vapours of memory