Anti-Muslim racism
Merkel and "self-Islamisation"
Islamophobia in France
Muslim women excluded from the headscarf debate
Interview with Hamid Dabashi
Europe’s coloniality persists after the fall of empire
Guy Helminger on Yemen
No ulterior motives, just tea

Anti-Muslim racism

Anti-Muslim racism means more than just discriminating against Muslims. It is an ideological worldview that pleads for the restructuring of society and more control in the view of the "Islamic threat". Those who do not bow to right-wing demands are deemed guilty of Islamisation. By Ozan Zakariya KeskinkilicRead more

Islamophobia in France

France is locked in a row over Islam, Islamophobia and the headscarf. But one key voice is almost completely missing from the debate – that of the women who wear the veil. By Nadia PantelRead more

Interview with Hamid Dabashi

An interview with the Iranian-American historian and cultural philosopher Hamid Dabashi about writing, Europe's past and present, right-wing populism and the Arab uprisings. By Tugrul MendeRead more

Interview with writer Guy Helminger about Yemen

Since 2015, war has been raging in Yemen – a country about which people in Europe know astonishingly little. Cologne-based writer Guy Helminger visited Yemen in 2009, six years before hostilities began. He describes his experience in his book "Die Lehmbauten des Lichts" (Clay buildings of light). Interview by Gerrit WustmannRead more


Moroccan political scientist Hassan Aourid (photo: private)

Interview with the Moroccan thinker Hassan Aourid

Democracy cannot be stopped

Protest march in Pakistani Kashmir (photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo)

India and Pakistan

"If Germany can be reunified, so can Kashmir"

Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad visits military units in Habeet in the province Idlib (photo: picture-alliance/AP)

Syria's constitutional committee

Geneva is key to Assad's rehabilitation

Anti-government protests on Tahrir Square in Baghdad on 03.11.2019 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Anti-government protests

Is this Iraq's Arab Spring?


Right-wing PEGIDA extremists demonstrating on 6 February 2016 in Dresden (photo: Reuters/H. Hanschke)

Anti-Muslim racism

Merkel and "the danger of self-Islamisation"

Anti-Islamophobia demonstration in Paris on 10.11.2019 (photo: Getty Images/AFP)

Islamophobia in France

Muslim women excluded from the headscarf debate

Iraqi women protest in Basra, 7 September 2018 (photo: Reuters/A. Al-Marjani)

Patriarchy and governance

Iraq's token females


German writer Guy Helminger in Sanaa, Yemen (photo: Guy Helminger)

Interview with writer Guy Helminger about Yemen

No ulterior motives, just tea

"Morgen sind wir frei" – Tomorrow we'll be free (distributed by Little Dream Pictures)

Film review: Hossein Pourseifi's "Morgen sind wir frei"

Love in the time of revolution

Ahmet Altan graphic (source: DW)

Released from prison

Turkish author Ahmet Altan and the power of words