Author: Kersten Knipp

An Egyptian woman walks past election posters for the upcoming elections in Cairo (photo:AP)

Elections in Egypt

Economy Trumps Religion

Mustafa Barghouti (photo: dpa)

Interview with Mustafa Barghouti

''This Society Does Not Want Extremism''

Representatives of religious and ethnic minorities in Syria (photo: ddp/AP/DW)

Minorities in Syria


United against Assad

Man passing by anti-Formula One protests mural in Manama, Bahrain (photo: Reuters)

Interview with the Bahraini Dissident Nabeel Rajab

''Our regime has to leave''

Ferhad Ahma of the Syrian National Council in Germany


''People Are Demonstrating All over the Country''

'Beirut One by One' by Issam Barhouch and Zena Assi (photo: Wilma Knipp)

Contemporary Art in Lebanon

Between Dreams and Violence

Photography by Reem al Faisal (photographed by Kersten Knipp)

Contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia

Images of a Changing Society

Houssam Bokeili’s ‘A Bus and its replicas’ (photo: Umam Documentation and Research’)

''The Hangar'' Gallery in Beirut

A Bus as Symbol of Death and Loss