Author: Albrecht Metzger

ihadi militiamen in Iraq close to the Syrian border (photo: picture-alliance/AP)

Al-Qaeda's New Strategy

Turning away from the Distant Enemy

Young Islamists take part in a demonstration led by the controversial preacher Pierre Vogel in Frankfurt on Main (photo: dapd)

Interview with Matenia Sirseloudi

What Drives Young People to Jihad?

A Salafist distributing free copies of the Koran on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The inscription on the T-shirt reads 'READ! In the name of the Lord who created you' (photo: dapd)

The Response to the Salafist Movement in Germany

Heavy on Populism, Light on Strategic Thinking

Protest of Muslim fundamentalists in Solingen against a demonstration of Pro NRW (photo: dpa)

Salafists in Germany

Heading for ''Urban Terrorism''?

Boy reading the Koran (photo: dapd)

Stefan Weidner's Book on Islam and the West

The End of Imperialism

Anti-Saleh rally (photo: AP)

Popular Uprising in Yemen

Saleh, Enemy Number One