Author: Andreas Zumach

UN observers in Syria (photo: Reuters)

Iraqi crisis

A UN protection force, not arms shipments

Beratungen zu Syrien in Genf: US-Außenminister John Kerry (l.) neben dem UN-Gesandten Lakhdar Brahimi (m.) und Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow; Foto: Reuters

Syrian Conflict

Political Breakthrough or Tactical Manoeuvre?

EU flags outside the European Commission in Brussels (photo: Thierry Monasse/DPA)

Europe's Syria Policy

Union of the Unwilling

Kofi Annan and Bashar al-Assad (photo: dpa)

Political Perspectives after the Massacre in Syria

Time for Plan B

UN security council discusses the situation in Syria (photo: dpad)


Plea for a Humanitarian Intervention

Session of the UN Security Council on 4 February 2012 (photo: AP)

After the Veto of the UN Resolution

Syria on the Brink of Civil War