Author: Lewis Gropp

Author Salman Rushdie (photo: empics/picture-alliance)

Interview with Salman Rushdie

Kashmir, Paradise lost

Young women at the University of Benghazi, Libya (photo: DW)

Interview with Nader Hashemi


On the Compatibility of Islam and Democracy

Ravid Kahalani and his band Yemen Blues (photo: © Zohar Ron/Yemen Blues)

Ravid Kahalani's Yemen Blues

''Your Language Is My Language''

Cover of the Koran (source: Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

Mathias Rohe on Islamic Theology in Germany

Triggering Global Debates

Abbas Khider (photo: Jacob Steden)

The German Iraqi Writer Abbas Khider

Writing More Beautifully than God

La mezquita de Córdoba (photo: Steven J. Dunlop)

Ibn Rushd and Maimonides in ''Out of Córdoba''


The Muslim-Jewish Heritage of Islamic Spain

Clipping from the book cover of ‘The People Reloaded’ (source: publisher)

Interview with Nader Hashemi


''The War of Ideas in Iran Is Over''

Salman Rushdie (photo: AP)

Salman Rushdie and "The Satanic Verses"

The Complicated Craft of Enlightenment

A 13th-century book illustration produced in Baghdad by al-Wasiti showing a group of pilgrims on a Hajj (source: Wikipedia)

The Great Arab Traveller Ibn Battuta

Contemporary Witness or Impostor?


Mesut Özil and Germany

A Football Hero in a National Identity Farce

Hamid Dabashi (photo: private copyright)

Interview with Hamid Dabashi

"Islam Is an Abstraction"

Leopold Weiss alias Muhammad Asad (source: publisher)

Muhammad Asad

A Jewish Lawrence of Arabia

Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras

Jerusalem, City of Two Peaces

A church and a mosque (photo: Marvin Halfen/DW)

Catholic-Islamic Dialogue: Interview with Christian Troll

For Freedom of Faith

Reem Kelani (photo: Saeed Taji Farouky / Sharq Magazine)

Reem Kelani – "Sprinting Gazelle"

"I Defend My Right to Defend My Right"

Cover of "The Enchantress of Florence" (Random House)

Salman Rushdie and "The Enchantress of Florence"

A Master without a Masterpiece?