German AfD party rejected from intelligence panel


German lawmakers have refused to let the nationalist, anti-migration Alternative for Germany party's candidate sit on a parliamentary committee that oversees the country's intelligence services.   

Alternative for Germany, or AfD, won seats for the first time in September's election and is now the third-biggest party in parliament. The party nominated Roman Reusch, a former Berlin prosecutor who once caused controversy with calls for tougher punishment for criminal youths from immigrant families, for the intelligence panel.   

Nominees from all other parties were elected, but Reusch garnered only 210 votes in the 709-member lower house Thursday, far short of a majority.   

It wasn't the first such clash. AfD is entitled to a deputy parliament speaker, but that job remains unfilled after other lawmakers rejected its nominee in October over remarks on Islam.    (AP)

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Comments for this article: German AfD party rejected from intelligence panel

Submitted by Tony Clifton on

If the other parties truly have this unshakeable conviction that the AFD is so wrong and misguided on all the issues, then why not grant them the platform that they would grant other parties in the same position electorally? If they are truly so wrong then they should just allow them to make fools of themselves and then people just wouldn't vote for them again. Not so?