Olivier Roy: "It's not Islam that drives young Europeans to jihad"

Olivier Roy, French expert on Islamic terrorism (photo: cc-by-sa-nc-Internaz)

Olivier Roy, one of France’s top experts on Islamic terrorism, explains how assailants like Salman Abedi in Manchester turn into 'new radicals' who crave death.

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Comments for this article: Olivier Roy: "It's not Islam that drives young Europeans to jihad"

It's not islam, it's the immigration policies that are completely senseless. European countries seem to be "luring" and "baiting" immigrants/refugees, then leaving them without support.

Immigrant enclaves appear if people fail to adjust to the local culture. It can be either the immigrants who don't want to adjust, or the locals who don't accept newcomers... and if they don't accept newcomers, they should not let them in. To me, it feels like European countries work intentionally to raise social problem rate, by accepting immigrants but not letting them adjust.

The same applies to released prisoners. Even if he wanted to turn back to the lawful way, he can't, because nobody will accept him - he will be forced to continue the path of a criminal.

And also... the same applies to all orphans, abandoned children, children of poor people, or everyone who otherwise don't have anyone to help them get into society.

Björn Erlendur07.12.2018 | 15:59 Uhr