Afghans hopeful of possible peace deal with insurgent Taliban


Afghans following the progress in recent talks between the United States and the Taliban are hopeful about a possible peace deal to end an insurgency in Afghanistan that has taken thousands of lives.

Twenty-five-year-old Shakila Shahrestani, a resident of the capital Kabul, said she couldn't wait for a peace deal to be agreed and has plans to visit her home province. Originally hailing from Shahristan district of central Daikundi province, she hasn't visited her birthplace in a long time and hopes that the talks will result "in a successful peace deal."

A policeman from eastern Laghman, who wished to remain anonymous said he could not travel anywhere because "Taliban will kill me if they catch me." 

"I am stuck here and can't really travel," said the policeman over the phone, who added that ordinary civilians weren't safe either due to the ongoing conflict.  He cited a recent bombing that had killed two people, including a man who was on his way to give a gift to a friend.

Others hope that peace will bring their families together.

Haji Ghulam Sakhi, 80, whose three sons reside in Germany, said: "It would have been better to have my sons and their families by my side."

Many politicians think the same.

Lawmaker Masouda Karokhi from western Herat said Afghans have "suffered 40 years of war."

"It is enough," she said. "Afghans cannot take any more bloodshed."    (dpa)

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