on: Aftermath of the Attacks in Norway: Isolate the Intellectual Incendiaries, by Stefan Weidner

The Oslo killer who committed the Oslo massacre is a Neoconservative Extremist. His manifesto which describes the rational for his actions references extreme neoconservative theorists and websites which promote irrational hatred and fear of Muslims. The Oslo killer's belief that Muslim immigration is a mortal threat to western culture is a common neoconservative ideology.

Neoconservative extremists like the Oslo killer believe that Muslims will continue to immigrate and breed until they outnumber non-Muslims in western nations. When that happens Muslims will use democratic means to impose Sharia law and enslave non-believers into Dhimmitude.

Extreme neoconservative ideology promotes the idea that western nations must protect themselves from the Muslim cultural threat through forced assimilation, banning Muslim immigration and cultural isolation. Based on this extreme neoconservative ideology, the Oslo killer concluded the real enemy to Norwegian culture aren't Muslims who can't help being what they are.

The real threat are Norway's political leaders who embrace multiculturalism and are blind to the threat posed by Western Islamization. The Oslo killer's extreme neoconservative ideology regarding the Muslim threat to Norwegian culture was his primary motivation to attack and kill as many Norwegian politicians and members of their families as possible. Since the Oslo killer's extreme neoconservative ideology was the primary motivation for his atrocity he is correctly identified as a neoconservative extremist.

Other examples of neoconservative extremism include the gunman who attempted to assassinate US House of Representative member Gabrielle Giffords and every website and person named in the Oslo killer's manifest which promotes irrational fear and hatred and illegally incites violence.

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