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German couple fights for girls' literacy in Afghanistan

Ofarin is an association working hard in Afghanistan to provide girls an education. Founded by German aid worker Paul Schwittek it has transformed the lives of a generation of Afghan girls, but now his project is coming to an end.

Guaranteeing the schooling of girls in Afghanistan is the mission of the Ofarin association. Ofarin, meaning "beautiful work", was founded in 1996. About 9,000 pupils, more than half of whom are girls, attend classes thanks to the support of the Ofarin team.

But the project has been under threat since the association's main donor, Misereor, stopped funding the girls' schools.

The education and schooling of girls was one of the main promises of the international community in Afghanistan. Today, there is not much left: the country is more unstable than ever.



But some people risk their lives to help advance this cause. Among them are Peter Schwittek and his wife Annemarie.

Despite many threats, they create schools through their association Ofarin and thus enable girls to benefit from an education as well.

They include the local mullahs in the project, which allows them to benefit from the support of the population. Ofarin provides an income for some 500 teachers.


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