Australian MP seeks contributors to new "war on radical Islam" website


Reform-minded Muslims have a new internet destination: a website set up by Queensland MP George Christensen "to expose radical Islamic practices, its adherents and appeasers within our midst". He announced the website on Tuesday in a call-out for writers and researchers.

"The site will also root out political correctness and its purveyors who seek to stymie free speech on this, the most important subject for the future of our Western civilisation," he wrote on Facebook.

Christensen said he hoped the website, authorised by his office, would be an agent for reform within Islam, "and promote moderate Muslims who are seeking to change their faith for the better".

But he added: "Where practices of so-called moderate Muslims in this country or elsewhere are found to be less than moderate or appeasing the extremists, this website will call it out."

Contributors will not be paid, but are promised they will help to "fight for a cause which could determine the future of Western civilisation, freedom, liberty and humankind".    (The Guardian)

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