“Die Welt” on Europe's weak influence in Syria


German daily Die Welt laments the role of Europe in the latest flare-up in the Syrian conflict, arguing that the region is powerless in the face of a Turkish invasion.

In a Wednesday editorial, the newspaper writes, in part:

"Over the past 10 days, the geo-strategic position for Europe has considerably deteriorated into silence over the humanitarian tragedy that it is forced to watch: tens of thousands are fleeing, the Kurds as a European ally have been shut out, thousands of IS fighters freed, Iranians are marching northwards, the Americans have disappeared, Israel is in dire straits.

And the Russians are readying themselves to become the new peacekeeper in the region.

Meanwhile the Europeans have become the plaything of powers in the region, mere observers, damned to paralysis, not even in the position to grasp the catastrophe as a Damascus experience. But at least one thing should be made clear: defeat is culpability. Europe could have done differently. It just doesn't want to anymore."    (dpa)

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