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Islam for the 21st century? Look no further than Goethe

Future-proofing Islam: Focus on the soul of Islam

The West′s Islam debate: For all our freedoms!

Muslims in the West – the cultural go-betweens

Authors of 'War on Terror' in denial to the bitter end

Houses of healing: The success of early Arab medicine against epidemics

Fairy tales depicting independent Afghan women

Tangier/Gibraltar - A Tale of One City

Is the Taliban takeover still in Pakistan's interest?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Prey": Condemning Islam, glorifying the West

Ziad Fahmy's "Street Sounds": Egypt, and the "great clamour" of urban life

Algerian scholar Said Djabelkhir: Rethinking Islamic law

"Inequality between men and women is contrary to Islam"

"Fatma's Revenge": Netflix takes on the Turkish macho

What do the Bhagavad Gita and the Koran have in common?

Ten years Arab Spring: Arab women's rights, a genuine revolution?

Hindu nationalism in India: India's hate-filled "saffron pop"

Muslim and liberal: What constitutes contemporary Islam?

Interview with Prof Timothy Brennan: Why Edward Said still matters

Israel, Palestine – and nuance as the moral imperative

Algeria's ongoing war against women – #WeLostOneOfUs

India's farmers: "Modi and the BJP are destroying the country"

Debate about anti-Semitism: Dissidence and the Jewish diaspora

In our modern world, what constitutes contemporary Islam?

Why the burka is so important for right-wing populists

Egypt's people – nothing but a burden and a nuisance

Playing on fears of an Islamist takeover

Why blasphemy is a capital offence in some Muslim countries

What is art, when the primary sensory organ is the heart?

Germany's parallel universe between the Jordan and the Med

Juergen Habermas' rejection of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Narendra Modi is pushing Indian society to the brink

"Palestinians need to set the terms of their own liberation"

“We refuse to be hijab-wearing princesses”

Ramadan – a feast for spirit and soul

Morocco: "Freedom of speech has long been empty rhetoric"

How Assad is preventing the return of refugees

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