First mosque in the United States built by an American Muslim woman


At a time when political controversy surrounds the Muslim community, a new mosque opened its doors on Friday in Las Vegas. Masjid Ibrahim is the first mosque in North America to be fully paid for by an American Muslim woman.

As the final touches are made, Sharaf Haseebullah has turned her dream into reality by building a house of worship and community centre.

"Finally, the day came when my dream came true. This place is inclusive. We are not going tell anybody not to come. Even if they have faith or not. I'm not going to judge anybody," says Haseebullah.

Masjid Ibrahim is the first master-planned mosque built by a woman in the United States. With no fundraising or community donations, Haseebullah paid $3 million for the entire construction.

"I'm a pharmacist; I always worked all my life 24/7. The other thing is I'm a real estate investor also, so half of this comes from my real estate investing," says Haseebullah.

At 71 years young, don't let her age or small stature fool you. She's a force.

"You can do it. If you have good intentions, determination, nothing can stop you," says Haseebullah. And despite seeing Muslims portrayed in a negative light, Haseebullah says she won't let it stop her. "So that they can see Muslim people they are not just talking, they do it, good job, good deed," says Haseebullah.    (KSNV News3LV)

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