India: Police brutality on video following Nupur Sharma protests


A video showing Indian police beating a group of Muslims in custody has been viewed by millions after it was shared by an elected member of the ruling BJP party who praised their brutal actions as a "gift" to the men.

No action has been taken against the officers involved. The families of those who were attacked say their loved ones are innocent and should be freed.

"This is my brother, they are beating him a lot, he's screaming so much." Zeba breaks down in tears, hands shaking, as she holds her mobile phone to watch a harrowing video of her younger sibling Saif. "I can't even look at this, he's being hit so badly," she says, as she's comforted by relatives at her home in the north Indian city of Saharanpur.

The distressing footage shows two Indian policemen taking aim at a group of Muslim men in custody, including Zeba's brother. The officers can be seen thrashing the men with rods which they swing like baseball bats. The sound of the thwack as each blow lands is punctuated by screams.

As the pounding continues, a man in a green t-shirt folds his hands in prayer. Saif can be seen in a white tunic raising his arms in the air as if to surrender.    (


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