Standing on the rooftop of our building I could see East Jerusalem, I could see Mount Scopus, I could see the Arab neighbourhoods. But I could see the moon too – and the chance of me ever going to those places or the chance of ever setting foot on the moon felt about the same – unrealistic.

How do you see Jerusalem now?

Oz: I have mixed feelings about Jerusalem. It is fascinating, it is beautiful, it is tragic and it is extremely attractive to all kinds of fanatics or redeemers, world reformers, self-appointed prophets and messiahs. I find this fascinating, but I don't think I would like to live in the middle of this. I need my distance.

I don't know what will happen in Jerusalem, but I know what should happen. Every country in the world should follow the example of president Trump and move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. But simultaneously there should be an embassy of all countries in the world in East Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Palestine.

Why have you long been a strong supporter of the two-state solution?

Oz: I have been advocating this idea for 50 years. It is very simple. We are talking about a very small house – about the size of Denmark. It's the one and only homeland of the Jews, it's also the one and only homeland of the Palestinian Arabs.

We cannot become one happy family because we are not one, we are not happy, we are not family. We are two unhappy families. We have to divide the house into two smaller next-door apartments. There is no point in even fantasising that after 100 years of bloodshed and anger and conflict Jews and Arabs will jump into a honeymoon bed and start making love rather than war.

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