Ancient Koranic fragment discovered in a library at Birmingham University, United Kingdom
Open to everybody: "the Koran is God′s teachings for humankind and it is a book to be read like other books. This idea that it cannot be understood in and of itself blocks the reader. It is the result of brain-washing by clerics who don′t want us to think," asserts Azmayesh

You have said that if the Koran was composed in the lifetime of Muhammad you would have to find another explanation for the different styles in the Koran. What is your explanation?

Azmayesh: When Muhammad started to teach the Bedouin, who were uneducated, illiterate idol-worshippers, about monotheism, they couldn′t understand and accept what he was saying. In their eyes Muhammad was an infiltrated agent from a culture foreign to the Arabian peninsula, who wanted to change their traditions and customs. The Bedouin posed a lot of objections to the teachings of Muhammad which are repeated in their own language in the Koran. Hence the three styles found in the Koran: the pure teachings of Muhammad, the objections of the Bedouin and the answers of Muhammad to them. This is why you don′t have a homogeneous language in the Koran.

So your thesis is that if you correctly analyse the Koran, you will be able to distinguish the three different parts and to identify the true message of the Prophet?

Azmayesh: Yes, this knowledge of the three different parts gives a relative aspect to the Koran. What is written in the Koran is important, but you cannot act according to everything in the Koran, because certain parts are objections by the Prophet′s critics, which were ultimately rejected by the Koran. The true message can be found if you study and grasp the soul of the Koran.

How can you distinguish these three different parts in the Koran?

Azmayesh: It is very easy – the language is completely different. Our main focus is the language of the Koran. The language used in the Prophet′s discussion with his critics is very different from the language of the original teachings of Muhammad.

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